Building Control and Monitoring Systems in Miami

Building Control and Monitoring Systems in MiamiRising energy costs and the desire to create a comfortable and safe building environment have today’s commercial building owners employing building automation systems that make their buildings operate more efficiently. Building automation systems control and monitor all the various operating systems in a building, integrating all of a facility’s control systems into a single unit so the diverse systems share information and work together more efficiently. For Miami building owners, the need to increase building efficiency is exacerbated by excessively hot temperatures and security issues that make an effective building control system a necessity. Advanced Control Corporation, the leading provider of building control and monitoring systems in Miami, can install a building automation system that will provide efficient use of your building’s mechanical equipment, helping to preserve a greener and safer environment while maintaining the comfort that your inhabitants require.

One of the ways that Advanced Control’s building control and monitoring systems are able to increase energy efficiency is by reducing the amount of power wasted in unoccupied areas of buildings. Since 30% to 40% of most commercial real estate is unoccupied at any given time, building automation solutions can reduce a commercial building’s energy usage by as much as 30%. To accomplish this, the building automation system employs sensors, closed circuit cameras, access card readers, and video recorders to monitor the location of building occupants, registering any areas that are unoccupied. The building automation system then turns off energy in empty areas, increasing energy efficiency while still maintaining a comfortable building environment for occupants.

The building systems that are controlled and monitored to reduce energy use and improve the building environment include:

  • Lighting Control
    Time and zone controls turn off lights on a set schedule; during the day, occupancy sensors register when a building area is empty and turns the lights on and off accordingly. Passive RFID is used to monitor late night cleaning crews as they check in, and lights automatically turn on and off as the cleaners move through various areas of the building.
  • HVAC Control
    Scheduling features can be programmed to turn the heating and cooling system on and off at specified times, ensuring all building areas are at the desired temperature point by the time occupants arrive in the morning. Powerful temperature control analysis and reporting tools alert owners to improved cost reduction opportunities, which are automated on the display and supported by features such as utility bill validation.
  • Air Quality Control
    Indoor air monitoring and testing is used to identify and eliminate unsafe levels of CO, CO2, and NO2 in buildings and parking garages; integrated building solutions also control humidity and remove unwanted odors to improve the comfort and health of occupants.

Advanced Control’s technicians install Miami building automation systems that improve the safety of premises and occupants by coordinating the building’s security and safety systems into a comprehensive building security solution that encompasses:

  • Elevator Security Control
  • Access Control
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • CCTV Recording Solutions
  • Life Safety Systems

Are you ready to see what Advanced Control Corporation’s Miami building automation solutions can do to improve the efficiency of your facility? Advanced Control Corporation has a history of leading South Florida in the use and promotion of green technology and green initiatives, with South Florida building automation installation services that have helped numerous facilities achieve LEED-certification. Advanced Control’s knowledgeable installation experts are ready to help you achieve your building efficiency goals.

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