South Florida Critical Environments Monitoring

Advanced Control Critical Environments MonitoringMaintaining continuous, highly available power at hospitals and medical labs is not just important, it is crucial. Any potential power outage or interruption must be immediately identified and swift corrective action taken to resolve the issue before an actual outage occurs, as the cost of electrical interruptions can be enormous, even fatal. In these facilities, where access to uninterrupted power is essential for people and equipment safety, building operators need to have an intuitive power management system that can keep the entire site functioning smoothly. Critical environment power monitoring from Advanced Control Corporation provides industry advanced power backups and highly integrated systems for critical environments, such as hospitals and medical labs. By ensuring an uninterrupted flow of power, our advanced system helps safeguard at risk patients and protects your hospital’s reputation as a reliable center for uninterrupted patient care. There is absolutely no room for error when it comes to monitoring power in critical environments. Advanced Control South Florida critical environments monitoring ensures the cross-functionality of all your critical power monitoring systems including electrical product manufacturing, electrical product design, and power management and control systems. Advance Control oversees coordination across all facets of a critical power project, with our knowledgeable technicians making certain all critical factors are operating and backed up at all times. Advanced Control’s critical environments power monitoring system monitors rack temperature, humidity, remote PDU-level and outlet-level power switching and provides real-time PDU-level and outlet-level monitoring of power. Thresholds and alerts can be set for power environmental monitoring to help you understand potential fault situations before they lead to actual outages. The information is displayed right on your building automation system workstation, giving your IT administrators and facility managers the actionable intelligence they need to make informed capacity planning decisions and effectively utilize their power resources. Advanced Control’s energy monitoring solutions improve uptime and staff productivity, as well as saving you considerable amounts of power and money. They employ the latest environmentally aware practices, helping your building to become a more green data center by making new features, upgrades, and sophisticated integration with other IT infrastructure management solutions available via a simple firmware download. In addition to critical power monitoring solutions, Advanced Control provides power quality analysis and utility monitoring that can detect, solve, and prevent issues to do with both utility and customer power systems. We design utility monitoring building automation solutions specifically for each business to ensure seamless, effortless operation. The building automation solutions at Advanced Control Corporation are personally tailored with customer input provided by each specific customer and tailored to each location. Your custom system will monitor and trend conditions, and assess sensitivity of process equipment to disturbances to ensure it can establish the precise location, source, timing, frequency of any events that occur. In addition to identifying and preventing disturbances, Advanced Control’s energy management and monitoring solutions assist in preventative and predictive maintenance and evaluate performance against specifications to help you develop maintenance schedules. Are you ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your hospital, medical lab, or other critical environment facility can count on accurate power monitoring and uninterrupted performance? Whether you are building a new facility or renovating your existing facility, Advanced Control Corporation can create customized critical environments monitoring solutions that will ensure your facility has the uninterrupted power it needs. Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 to discover more ways our building automation solutions can improve your building’s safety and performance!