Building Automation Graphics Software in Miami

Building Automation Graphics SoftwareOne of the challenges of building automation companies face is the need to provide users with a clear, simple way to access information and control their systems’ many functions. A complete building automation solution incorporates all the mechanical, electrical, and security systems in a building, integrating them into one cohesive system that is controlled through a single software interface. When you consider the sheer number and diversity of systems and components involved, including all the motion sensors, cameras, and other devices, the challenge becomes clear. Advanced Control Corporation utilizes specialized building automation graphics software in Miami to create graphic user interfaces for our building automation solutions that are extremely user-friendly, featuring custom-designed, dynamic color graphics with available full-motion animation.

Advanced Control understands that every building automation situation is unique and deserves a customized plan to enable the building to operate at its full potential. We provide building automation solutions that incorporate individual dynamic graphic displays that are specific to each customer and their individual location, incorporating the unique layout of your building and the individual systems incorporated into your customized display. The color graphics we provide for your workstation are custom tailored to suit your building automation needs.

To help you get the most out of your building automation solution, we provide displays that are specifically designed to provide you with up to the minute, real time information on what your building automation system is monitoring and controlling. The information is provided in an intuitive display that places actionable intelligence at your fingertips, so you can use the information to run your facility in the most efficient fashion. Because Advanced Control provides only the best for our clients, we offer the Andover Continuum platform – a proven software platform with robust capabilities that addresses all of your integrated building automation needs, including access control and video surveillance requirements.

The dynamic color graphic displays that Advanced Control creates for our clients are custom designed to incorporate individual color schemes specific to each location and customer. Each interface is carefully crafted, relying on feedback from the user to create the display that will work best for you, with intuitive animations and graphics. Y The proven software utilized by Advanced Control has robust capabilities, allowing it to incorporate data from a variety of resources, including the Web. Our display can be integrated to your security and CCTV functions, showing streaming video from these systems and giving you a direct, current view of actual real-world conditions in your facility.

Advanced Control also offers web-based building management solutions that allow you to access seamless interfaces to your system over a wide array of Web based platforms. Using our browser-based software, you can remotely access your building controls, easily viewing and controlling your integrated building management system in real-time through any standard web browser. The unique web-based nature of this interface means that with just a single swift glance at your smartphone, tablet, or PDA, you can view graphics, trends charts, and alarm system status with ease from anywhere in the world with access to the web.

Are you ready to experience the ease of control that comes with one of Advanced Control Corporation’s advanced building automation solutions? Advanced Control Corporation will utilize specialized building automation graphics software to create a user-friendly graphic user interface for your building automation system so you have instant access to all the information you need to manage your building effectively.

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