Sustainable Green Building Solutions for Miami

Sustainable Green Building SolutionsAs concern over the environmental impacts associated with greenhouse emissions and depletion of natural resources has grown, builders and building owners have been seeking ways to reduce their energy usage and minimize their carbon footprint. Tenants have also embraced the need for sustainability, seeking out and placing a premium on buildings that meet the highest green building criteria. Because of this heightened awareness, green construction practices are becoming the new standard. Builders are creating new structures that incorporate green building practices throughout their entire life cycle, and owners are employing sustainable green building solutions that help bring their existing structures in line with current environmental guidelines. Owners and builders are realizing significant benefits from embracing the green building movement, including reduced environmental impact, lower operational costs, and more beneficial working environments, leading to improved tenant retention and increased building values.

Commercial buildings account for 36% of all U.S. electricity consumption and are responsible for 18% of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, a primary greenhouse gas. To make matters worse, research has shown that around 30% of the energy commercial buildings use is wasted in the needless heating, cooling, and lighting of unused areas. The first step to a more sustainable building, therefore, is improving energy efficiency. Sustainable green building solutions for Miami facilities improve energy efficiency using building automation systems that integrate all the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a building into a single cohesive solution. Once integrated, the systems work together, sharing information to improve performance and reduce energy waste. Two of the areas that see a major improvement in energy efficiency are:

  • Lighting Control
    When properly used, lighting control can yield a 25% reduction in energy usage. Employing motion sensors, RFID scanners, and other occupancy sensors, a building automation system registers when an area is unoccupied. Lighting control turns lights on and off accordingly. Lights can also be turned off according to a set schedule, using time and zone controls. A full range of lighting control options is available, from a basic control system for lighting and equipment switching applications, ideal for use in facilities that are managing time-of-day control from a time clock or centralized building management system, or you can choose a fully automatic lighting control for all of your facilities’ lighting circuits.
  • Temperature Control
    Occupancy information can be used to turn off HVAC system in unused areas, or scheduling features can be programmed to turn the HVAC on and off at a certain times during the day, week, etc., ensuring all building areas are at the desired temperature point by the time occupants arrive in the morning. Tenants can access an Automatic Tenant Override system via their tablet or smartphone for the greatest degree of control, remotely adjusting HVAC settings so the desired temperature is achieved by the time they arrive.

Whether you are creating a new building or retrofitting your existing structure, Advanced Control Corporation can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our energy experts are experienced at creating sustainable green building solutions that improve buildings’ energy efficiency while creating more comfortable and responsive work environments. As the industry leader in green building in South Florida since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has helped thousands of buildings improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint, and we look forward to creating an energy management solution for your facility.

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