Building Energy Management Systems in South Florida

Energy Management SystemIs energy waste driving up operational costs in your commercial building? Studies have shown that at any given time, as much as 30% to 40% of the space in commercial buildings is unused. During the time that these areas are unoccupied, the heating, cooling, and lighting systems are still on, unnecessarily using energy and driving up operational costs. Installing an energy management system, which monitors, controls, and adjusts energy usage in your building according to the occupancy of each area, can generate significant energy savings. By turning off energy usage in unoccupied areas, a building energy management system can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%! In addition to increasing your building’s energy efficiency, energy management systems improve tenants’ work environment and create the “green” image sought after by today’s tenants.

The experienced energy experts at Advanced Control Corporation can design customized building energy management systems in South Florida that begin with the installation of a building automation system. The building automation system integrates the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in your building into a single cohesive system, offering the following benefits:

Eliminate Wasted Energy
Motion sensors, closed circuit cameras, access card readers, and video recorders in your building provide occupancy information to the building automation system, which then puts that information to work, managing the environment controls of areas based on actual use. The primary systems involved are:

  • Lighting Control – Occupancy sensors register when occupants enter and leave building areas, switching lights on or off accordingly. Passive RFID can be used to monitor after-hours cleaning crews, switching lights on and off as the cleaners move through the building. Time and zone controls can also be employed, automatically turning lights off on a set schedule.
  • HVAC Control – Scheduling features can be programmed to turn the heating and cooling system on and off at a certain times (according to the time of day, day of the week, etc.) ensuring all building areas are at the desired temperature point by the time occupants arrive in the morning. Powerful temperature control analysis and reporting tools explore improved cost reduction opportunities, which are automated on the display and supported by features such as utility bill validation.
  • Utility Monitoring – Advanced Control’s versatile energy management software has the capacity to receive, store and analyze metering and sensor data provided to optimize and track energy use. It can perform critical power monitoring as well as power quality analysis and monitoring. By monitoring and analyzing energy use in your building, your customized energy management solution can adjust your building’s systems to provide maximum energy savings.

Improve Tenant Control and Satisfaction
Tenants appreciate the greater control of their working environment that an energy management system provides. They can access an Automatic Tenant Override system via their tablet or smartphone, remotely adjusting HVAC settings so the desired temperature is achieved by the time they arrive. Changes can be set to occur immediately, or scheduled for a future date. Tenants may operate a ventilation system and an air conditioning system at the same time, a detailed billing summary will provide a single bill for both. Today’s tenants are increasingly seeking out buildings that are considered “green”; an energy management system enhances your building’s green image and can help you achieve LEED certification.

Are you ready to lower your operational costs by installing an energy management system for your building? Advanced Control Corporation has been at the forefront of green building in South Florida for over twenty years, and our specialists have helped thousands of buildings achieve greater energy efficiency by installing an energy management system.

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