Access Control Solutions for Miami Buildings

Control SolutionsSecurity concerns have become a widespread issue, prompting a growing number of commercial building owners to install access control solutions in their facilities. In the past, only hotels, convention centers, and the largest commercial facilities employed access control solutions, as the expense and complexity of these systems made them impractical for many small building owners. As security technology has evolved, access control solutions have improved in function and come down in price, becoming an eminently affordable way to increase the level of protection and improve the security of any facility. From banks to barber shops, high-rises to hotels, commercial buildings of all sizes are sporting access control solutions that monitor, control, and restrict admission to various areas within a facility, providing enhanced building security and creating a more secure building environment.

For most of the tenants in your building, the biggest benefits access control solutions have to offer are security and convenience, which are prime renting incentives. Tenants appreciate the added security, which allows them to rest easy knowing that unauthorized visitors are not permitted entry into the building. The ability to gain entry to the building with just a quick card swipe, eliminating the need to fumble for keys in low light conditions is a much appreciated convenience as well as an added security benefit.

You, along with the technologically aware tenants in your building, will appreciate the way access control mechanisms streamline operations with complete accuracy, providing superior security for all the physical resources, logical resources, and digital resources in your facility. Whatever type of commercial building you own, whether it is a large, small, or multi-building facility, the security experts at Advanced Control Corporation are experienced in designing access control solutions for Miami buildings. We will create a customized building security solution for your facility, employing cards and readers to control admission to different areas of your building on a person-by-person basis. The professional access control mechanism Advanced Control creates for your facility will provide multiple benefits, specifically:

  • Time and Day Restrictions – Some of the employees at your building, such as janitors, need to have access to building areas only at specified days and times. Keys present an unacceptable security risk, as they allow full access at any time. Switching to access cards allows you to monitor and restrict these employees’ access, so they can only gain entry at permitted times and days.
  • Tighter Access Control – Every time an employee leaves a company located in a building that uses keyed locks, it creates a security vulnerability that can easily be exploited until the locks are rekeyed. Keys can also be lost, stolen, or duplicated at any time. When computerized cards are used to control access, authorized personnel can deactivate a card whenever necessary, immediately eliminating any security risks.
  • Clear Audit Trail – Every attempted and accomplished opening of a door or area will be recorded in your access control system, along with the identity of the individuals involved. This audit trail can provide invaluable information that can aid in resolving time card disputes and other various employee issues.

For more than 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation has been helping building owners increase security, reduce energy costs, and improve their building’s efficiency. The experienced security experts at Advanced Control can add elevator access control, closed circuit cameras, and a CCTV recording solution to your access control solution, incorporating it into a building automation system to create a customized security solution that will blanket your building in protection.

Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 and let our experts create customized access control solutions for your building that will securely protect all your resources.