Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings

If a fire broke out in your building, would your tenants be in grave danger? Many commercial building owners believe the fire alarm and sprinkler systems installed in their facilities will be sufficient to protect their property and tenants from harm in the event of a fire. While these safety precautions will help evacuate a facility and mitigate structure damage from heat and flames, they provide no protection from the deadliest hazard of building fires: the smoke produced by the flames. The inhalation of fire smoke, which contains deadly carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, is responsible for the majority of fire-related fatalities. Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings, which seamlessly integrate with your building automation system to channel smoke from affected areas in your facility, will provide effective smoke control and ensure the well being of your building’s occupants.

Building Smoke Evacuation Systems
Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings

Smoke can spread throughout every area of a facility with amazing swiftness, creating a building-wide hazard. The smoke produced by a building fire is a toxic mélange of chemicals and gases, most notably carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, which inflict serious damage to the respiratory system and can cause blurred vision and confusion, interfering with victims’ attempts to evacuate the building. Protect the tenants in your building with one of Advanced Control Corporation’s Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings, designed to meet the highest standards on safety, speed, and functionality.

The building smoke evacuation system Advanced Control installs in your facility will work by integrating seamlessly with your building automation system, using your building’s HVAC equipment to provide comfort and channel smoke from affected areas during a fire. Once your building smoke control system is fully integrated with your building automation system, it can respond instantly to any signs of danger, allowing the proper authorities to manage the smoke evacuation directly from your integrated workstation or fireman’s’ override panel.

Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings do more than just ventilate affected areas; they also confine smoke to a zone encompassing the origin of the fire, prevent it from spreading to non-affected areas of the building, and restore a safe environment at the zone of the incident. There are three different methods commonly used to manage smoke within buildings:

  • Airflow Method, which uses fans to shutdown airflow to unaffected areas and produce airflow to direct smoke movement.
  • Pressurization Method, which requires systems to maintain a pressure difference between the incident zone and adjacent zones, is highly effective in preventing the spread of smoke to other areas of the building. The system is usually configured with 100% exhaust, zone barriers intact and closed, doors and dampers closed off to seal off zone.
  • Exhaust Method within Passive Containment, which employs a two-pronged approach to smoke management. Passive containment measures, including fire partitions, fire barriers, fire dampers, smoke dampers, and fire doors, are employed to contain the smoke in the zone of its origin, limiting the spread of fire and smoke. Exhaust fans are then employed to remove the smoke from the incident zone, creating a safe environment that allows the removal of personnel from the area.

Protect your tenants and property with a complete building smoke evacuation system from Advanced Control Corporation. As the industry leader in  for more than 25 years, Advanced Control has improved the safety, security, and energy efficiency of thousands of buildings by installing innovative building solutions that integrate lighting control, HVAC control, CCTV, access control, and energy management systems with smoke evacuation systems. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover the relief that comes from having a truly safe building environment!