Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Miami Buildings

Are you looking for ways to improve the sustainability of your building? Sustainability has become the goal of many building owners, prompted by growing environmental and financial concerns to make their facilities more resource-efficient. Improving the energy efficiency of your building is the first step in achieving sustainability, as the decreased energy usage helps to reduce environmental impact and preserve valuable resources. In addition to combating rising operational costs, an improvement in building sustainability creates a more beneficial working environment, increasing the value of commercial buildings in today’s competitive market. Advanced Control Corporation can create an energy management solution for your building that will improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of your facility for years to come.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Miami Buildings

At Advanced Control, we have a long history of improving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Miami Buildings of all sizes. Our experienced technicians will assess your facility’s operation, analyzing your energy usage and developing an energy efficiency solution that will prepare you for the resource challenges that lie ahead. Our efficiency experts will design a multi-pronged approach to effective resource use, helping you to improve your building’s sustainability by:

  • Developing an Energy Management Solution
    Advanced Control will develop an energy management solution that will improve your facility’s energy efficiency and sustainability by monitoring and reducing energy usage. We can install a building automation system that integrates all the various control systems in your facility into a single cohesive system; once the systems are integrated, they will work together to direct energy to areas only when they are occupied, using sensors and scheduling to turn off lighting, heating, and other systems in unused areas. Since 30% to 40% of a commercial building is unoccupied at any given time, this can significantly reduce your energy usage, yielding savings of as much as 30%.
  • Overseeing Utility and Critical Power Monitoring
    The versatile building automation software used by Advanced Control has the capacity to receive, store, and analyze metering and sensor data provided to optimize and track energy use. It can perform power quality analysis and monitoring as well as critical power monitoring, overseeing coordination across all facets of a critical power project and making certain all critical factors are operating and backed up at all times. In addition to reducing energy usage and saving money, our building energy management system will help you efficiently utilize your power resources, improving uptime and helping your facility to become a more green data center.
  • Achieving Green Building Certification
    Having your facility certified as a green building yields numerous benefits: reduced health and security risks, lower operating costs, and decreased environmental impact. Green building certification also confers the cachet of “green magic” that will set your building apart, making it more desirable to tenants and allowing you to command higher rental rates. Advanced Control will work with you to achieve the green building certification of your choice, whether you are aiming for LEED Silver, Gold, or Platinum status, or opting for the more economical Green Globes Certification.

As the industry leader in green building in South Florida, Advanced Control Corporation has reduced the carbon footprint and increased the energy efficiency and sustainability of thousands of buildings since 1987. Whether you are building a new structure or performing a retrofit on an existing building, Advanced Control Corporation will incorporate the latest green building technology to provide an innovative building solution that will help you achieve all your sustainability goals. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 and let our experts help you create a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable facility.