Building Access Control Systems in Fort Lauderdale

Is your commercial building sufficiently secure? To create a truly secure building environment, you need to have a way of ensuring important data and property remains inside your premises while keeping threats from gaining access to your facility. Having a guard in the lobby checking IDs and signing in visitors may reassure tenants, but it will not provide adequate security, as the guard cannot prevent admission to restricted areas in your facility once an entity leaves the lobby. Whether your building has multiple tenants, different company divisions sharing the same facility, or just employees with different levels of company clearance, having complete control over admission to specified areas within your facility is essential. Building access control systems in Fort Lauderdale provide an automated way to monitor, control, and restrict admission to the various areas within a building, enhancing building security, improving visitors’ and employees’ experience, and providing a secure building environment.

Building Access Control Systems
Building Access Control Systems in Fort Lauderdale

The security experts at Advanced Control Corporation can design an integrated security solution that uses cards and readers to control admission to different areas of your building on a person-by-person basis. Whether you need to protect physical resources, logical resources, or digital resources, Advanced Control’s professional access control mechanisms streamline operations with complete accuracy. Your customized access control solution will provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Time and Day Restrictions – Certain building employees, such as janitors, only need access to building areas at specified times and days. Rather than using keys, which allow full access at any time and create unacceptable security risks, employing access cards allows you to monitor and restrict access to permitted times and conditions.
  • Clear Audit Trail – Your access control system will maintain a record of every attempted and accomplished opening of each door and area, along with the identity of each individual involved. The information provided by this audit trail can prove invaluable in resolving time card disputes and other employee issues.
  • Protection from Property Losses – Using keys to secure doors provides multiple vulnerabilities. Keys can be lost, stolen, or duplicated, and every time an employee leaves a company, the locks need to be rekeyed. When you use computerized cards for access, authorized personnel can deactivate the cards at any time, saving time and money while allowing you to eliminate any security risks immediately.

To provide you with a completely secure facility, your customized security solution from Advanced Control should also include

  • Elevator Access Control Using the same access cards and readers that control admittance to the doors in your building, you can control elevator use and floor access for every level in your building. The building owner or system administrator can set accessible floors for each cardholder. Advanced Control uses host computers that can manage event data for even the largest facilities, providing dynamic control of memory for up to 50,000 cardholders / up to 20,000 Events. For added security, the system even retains ID event data and setting values in case of power failure.
  • CCTV Surveillance System Advanced Control can install network, fixed position, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal imaging cameras to survey specified areas or your entire building. By adding a digital, network, or hybrid CCTV Video Recording Solution, you can blanket your building in protection.

The proficient security experts at Advanced Control Corporation are ready to create a customized security solution for your small, large, or multiple building facility. For more than 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation has been providing the best in building automation in South Florida, helping business owners increase security, reduce energy costs, and improve their building’s efficiency. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to experience the peace of mind a truly secure facility provides.