Intelligent Building Technology in Miami

The phrase “intelligent building technology,” was first coined almost thirty years ago to describe any building system that possessed automated features. These building automation systems were very limited compared to the sophisticated systems in use today, as they could only control a single system without information or input from any other system or source. As building technology advanced, building automation systems were developed that integrated all the various control systems so they could share information, encompassing security, communication, and environmental monitoring to provide a comfortable, energy-efficient facility. As intelligent building technology continues to evolve, advances in information technology and data sharing capabilities are creating buildings that are more responsive, efficient, and cost-effective than ever before.

Intelligent Building Technology
Intelligent Building Technology in Miami

In the early days of intelligent building technology, an automated control system could turn the HVAC system on or off according to a set schedule or temperature point, but it could not make adjustments based on occupancy. In today’s intelligent buildings, all the individual control systems are integrated by an advanced building automation solution so they can communicate with and use information from all the other systems in the building. Motion sensors, access card readers, and passive RFID scanners can register when a building area is unoccupied; lighting control turns off the lights while the HVAC system adjusts the temperature. Smartphones and tablets can be used to adjust HVAC controls remotely, so the desired temperature is reached by the time occupants arrive at the building.

Intelligent building technology in Miami provides enhanced security and access control, opening and locking doors, notifying staff of any unwanted intruders, and ensuring that lighting, fire, and other building-management systems are online and functioning correctly. In case of an emergency, the fire, safety, security, surveillance and other integrated building systems work seamlessly together, providing essential services: turning on lighting throughout the building, controlling elevator functions, and activating the paging systems to broadcast pre-recorded instructions and messages. If the fire alarm is triggered, the building automation system controls the HVAC system to improve conditions: shutting down fans, exhausting smoke, and activating purge and pressurization to effect smoke evacuation. Access control keeps track of occupants to ensure no one is left behind.

Web and cloud-based technology is transforming intelligent buildings, which can now be integrated across an IP (Internet Protocol) network. Users can access web-based building management solutions, monitoring and controlling all of their integrated building control systems in real-time through a standard web browser. Technological advances allow tenants’ voice and data communications to be carried concurrently over the same wiring infrastructure that carries building control data. Newly developed cloud-based building analytics provide the processing power needed to analyze the massive amounts of data produced by intelligent buildings.

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