Palm Beach Intelligent Building Automation Systems

Palm Beach intelligent building automation systems have been a prominent fixture in South Florida’s commercial buildings for many years, valued for their ability to improve the safety, comfort, and efficiency of facilities. By integrating all of a facility’s control systems into a single unit, building automation systems enable these diverse systems to share information so they can work together more efficiently. While early building automation systems were useful, the advent of intelligent building technology and improvements in information technology have transformed them into powerful building management tools capable of being remotely accessible from anywhere in the world. As these intelligent building automation systems continue to evolve, they will be incorporating cloud-based technologies, offering advanced building analytic services, and may eventually grant self-healing capabilities to buildings.

Building Automation Systems
Palm Beach Intelligent Building Automation Systems

Advanced Control can install an intelligent building automation system in your commercial building, integrating all your communication and control systems over an IP network to create a comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient building environment. All of the various systems can be accessed and controlled from a single interface, either from a touch-screen workstation on-site or over the Internet via a smartphone, laptop, computer workstation, or PDA. Our web-based automation solutions provide you with real-time information, so you can control and monitor your building control system from anywhere in the world. Custom-designed graphics create a user-friendly experience that can include Controls, DVRs, live video feed, and other IP enabled devices, all accessed through any standard browser.

All of the essential control systems in your building can be incorporated into and controlled by an intelligent building automation system, including:

  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting control
  • Air quality control
  • Energy management
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Access control/security systems
  • Fire and life safety systems/smoke evacuation
  • Critical environments
  • Power monitoring
  • Building condition monitoring

Advanced Control’s intelligent building automation systems can include automated energy conservation features that can provide substantial energy savings. Studies have shown that at any given time, 30% to 40% of a typical commercial building is empty. Energy management features use motion and occupancy sensors to determine when an area is unoccupied, then automatically turn off HVAC and lighting systems in that section. Used correctly, this can yield energy savings of as much as 30%. Automatic tenant override technology can be implemented, allowing your tenants to adjust the HVAC system via their smartphone or tablet, so the temperature in their building section is at the desired setting by the time they arrive.

In addition to providing a more comfortable and efficient environment, Palm Beach intelligent building automation systems can enhance the safety of your occupants and premises. Your system can coordinate the fire, safety, security, surveillance, and other integrated building systems in an emergency, using them to contain and reduce dangerous situations. During a fire, your system can assist in smoke evacuation, using your building’s HVAC equipment to provide comfort and channel smoke from affected areas, containing or exhausting smoke as needed; it can also turn on lights and control elevator functions, keeping track of occupants to ensure no one is left behind.

The experienced experts at Advanced Control are ready to install an intelligent building automation system in your facility. As intelligent building technology evolves, we will continue to incorporate the latest technology to provide you with innovative building solutions to meet all your building control needs. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover all the benefits the latest intelligent building technology can offer your facility.