Miami Building Automation and Control Systems

Have you ever wondered what it takes to operate a commercial building? In every commercial building, there are many different control systems working behind the scenes. Each of these individual control systems operates one of the electrical, mechanical, or security process in the building, such as lighting, heating, or elevator access. Building automation systems combine all the individual control systems into a single integrated solution so they can share information and work together to achieve the highest degree of energy conservation, comfort, and security.

Building Automation and Control Systems
Miami Building Automation and Control Systems

Understanding Miami building automation and control systems (BACS) is easier once you can recognize the individual control systems, the functions they perform, and how the BACS make them work together. First, sensors, closed circuit cameras, access card readers, and video recorders provide occupancy information to the building automation and control system. The BACS then put that information to use, turning off or adjusting systems to reduce energy use in unoccupied areas while making sure the building’s occupants are comfortable and secure. By managing the lighting, cooling, and heating of areas based on actual use, Miami building automation solutions can reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

The building systems that can be controlled by these integrated solutions include:

  • HVAC Control
    Temperature control technology can turn the HVAC system on and off according to designated schedules (time of day, week, etc.), ensuring that the set temperature point is maintained when the building is occupied. Automatic Tenant Override can be enabled, allowing users to adjust the temperature settings via their smartphone or tablet so their building section is at the desired temperature when they arrive.
  • Lighting Control
    Time and zone controls are used to turn off the lights on a set schedule; occupancy sensors register when a building area is empty, turning lights on and off accordingly. Passive RFID can monitor late night cleaning crews as they check in; as the cleaners move through various areas of the building, the lights will automatically turn on and off.
  • Air Quality Control
    Indoor air monitoring and testing is used to identify and eliminate unsafe levels of CO, CO2, and NO2 in buildings and parking garages; the integrated solution also improves occupant comfort and health by controlling humidity and removing unwanted odors.

Building automation and control systems can provide comprehensive building security by coordinating security and safety systems including:

  • Elevator Security Control – use and floor access is controlled via cards and readers
  • Access Control – regulates use of specific resources by specified entities
  • Closed Circuit Television – network, fixed position, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal imaging cameras are employed to survey all or part of the building
  • CCTV Recording Solutions – digital, network, and hybrid video recording solutions are cost-effective monitoring tools
  • Life Safety SystemsIn an emergency, building automation solutions coordinate fire, safety, security, surveillance, and smoke evacuation systems to help contain and reduce dangerous situations and ensure occupant safety.

Once a building automation and control system integrates all of a building’s individual systems, users can then access and monitor these systems from a single interface. The development of web and cloud-based technology has led to web-based building management solutions that allow seamless interfaces over a wide array of Web based platforms. Through browser-based software, users can access, view, and control their building systems remotely in real-time.

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