Intelligent Building Management System Software

Intelligent building management system software is employed for many reasons: it properly maintains buildings, creates a secure, comfortable environment for occupants, and reduces energy consumption, which results in lower operating costs and an improved carbon footprint. Accomplishing these goals requires all the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a building as well as a considerable amount of hardware, such as motion sensors, access card readers, passive RFID scanners, closed circuit television cameras, digital video recorders, and more. Taken individually, these systems can perform their specific tasks and nothing more. It takes intelligent building management system software to control and integrate all these diverse systems and components, by providing a single platform that coordinates them over an IP network.

Building Management System Software
Intelligent Building Management System Software

When Advanced Control Corporation creates intelligent building management solutions, we power them with versatile Andover Continuum software. Andover Continuum’s intelligent building management system software is designed with an emphasis on scalability, flexibility, and programmability that enables it to meet the increased demands of modern facilities. By using coordinated control strategies, Continuum’s software is able to provide building control and energy management solutions that satisfy the increasing demand for tight integration whilst reducing overall system cost. These coordinated system strategies are simple to implement, since Continuum uses the same programming language for both HVAC and security applications.

Over time, many building owners add to their control systems piecemeal, creating the need to integrate differing manufacturer protocols and incompatible operating systems. The Continuum building control software that Advanced Control uses is backwardly compatible and built with a commitment to open standards. This enables the innovative software to provide total building and system integration by interoperating with third-party systems. If your facility has in place legacy systems that lack an open standard to communicate, Advanced Control has a list of over 200 third party communication drivers, including many propriety protocols.

Advanced Control’s intelligent building management software embraces BACnet, an open ASHRA/ANSI/ISO standard that provides the opportunity for building automation systems to interoperate with each other to take full advantage of BACnet’s data sharing, trends, scheduling, alarm tactics, and device management services. This allows us to provide the highest level of interoperability at every level, from the BACnet operator’s workstation to the building controller to the simplest terminal controller. All the major communication, desktop IT, and building automation standards, such as email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, and Ethernet, are supported by our IT-friendly system.

Intelligent building management system software is constantly evolving. The latest trend is shifting control from software running on individual building networks to web /cloud-based technology. Advanced Control is at the forefront of this movement, offering web-based building management solutions that allow seamless interfaces to your system over a wide array of Web based platforms. As cloud-based building software continues to progress, software functionality is expected to develop into services that will make intelligent building management systems more economical and convenient. Building owners will be able to select the individual cloud-based building management software services that fit their needs, using them to integrate and control various systems in their facility. You can count on Advanced Control to incorporate the latest technology as it develops.

Are you ready to experience the benefits Advanced Control’s intelligent building management solutions can offer your facility? Advanced Control Corporation has been an industry leader in providing integrated building automation solutions in South Florida since 1987. By incorporating the latest intelligent building technology, we will create an innovative building management solution that exceeds your expectations. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 and let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.