Intelligent Building Management Solutions

Technology use in modern commercial buildings continues to increase, as does the complexity of the systems these buildings employ. Where a few simple, discrete systems were sufficient to control operations in commercial buildings in the past, the number of building systems that can be monitored and controlled by technology has multiplied rapidly in recent years. The current profusion of building control systems has created an overwhelming need for a technologically advanced solution that can network, manage, and control all these disparate systems. In response to that need, technology has evolved to create intelligent building management solutions that integrate all the technology in a building into a seamless unified system that can be controlled from a single interface.

Building Management Solutions
Intelligent Building Management Solutions

Advanced Control Corporation installs intelligent building management solutions that encompass and integrate all of the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a facility, streamlining operations and helping to eliminate the waste of resources. By consolidating all of a facility’s operating systems, our solutions are able to leverage occupancy information to ensure that energy is not wasted in empty rooms. Motion sensors, access card readers, or passive RFID scanners can register when building areas are unoccupied; the HVAC system lowers the temperature while the lighting control system turns off the lights. Scheduling features can have your HVAC system automatically adjust the temperature before the workday begins, or your tenants can use their smartphone or tablet to activate an Automatic Tenant Override to adjust HVAC settings from a remote location to achieve a desired temperature by the time they arrive.

In addition to improving energy management at your South Florida facility, Advanced Control’s intelligent building management solutions can provide you with a more secure building environment. If unwanted intruders enter, our fully integrated building management solutions ensure the integrated systems work together to protect the safety of your occupants: access control denies intruders admittance to protected areas, elevator access control locks them in the lobby, and CCTV cameras and recording solutions monitor their every move. In an emergency, your integrated building management solution will coordinate the fire, safety, security, surveillance, and other building systems to contain the situation.

Web and cloud-based technology is transforming intelligent building management solutions, allowing building systems to be integrated across an IP (Internet Protocol) network. Advanced Control is at the forefront of this movement, offering web-based building management solutions that allow seamless interfaces to your system over a wide array of Web based platforms. Through browser-based software, you can access your South Florida building controls remotely in real-time, easily viewing and controlling all of your integrated building automation systems through a standard web browser. Use of the Internet enables our building management solutions to consolidate and streamline processes, systems, and services.

To make managing your building operations even easier, Advanced Control’s web-based intelligent building management solutions feature a graphic user interface with custom designed, dynamic color graphics and available full-motion animation that creates an exceptionally user-friendly experience. With just a quick glance at your smartphone, tablet, or PDA, you can view graphics, trends charts, and alarm system status with ease from anywhere in the world with access to the web.

Are you ready to increase the efficiency of your facility? The experienced technicians at Advanced Control Corporation will create an intelligent building management solution for your facility that incorporates the latest building automation, energy management, access control, and CCTV technology. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 and let us transform the way you manage your building’s operations.