Green Building Trends of 2014

Cloud-based building automation systems, net-zero-energy buildings, and the strong continued growth of the green building market are among the top green building trends of 2014, according to one of the world’s leading green building consultants, Jerry Yudelson. As the country embraces a more sustainable approach to construction and building management, the green building market in America turns its focus to conservation of resources in many forms: increasing energy efficiency, using solar power and reducing the use of traditional energy sources, and improving existing structures as opposed to building new facilities. Increasing demand and new regulations will have an effect on the green building market as well, in several different ways.

Green Building Trends
Green Building Trends of 2014

Energy-efficiency is definitely the watchword for green building in 2014. The design and operation of zero-net-energy buildings is expected to surge, and the drive for more energy–efficient buildings is expected to increase the use of building automation systems that employ cloud-based technology. The use of cloud-based technologies has been steadily increasing the ability of intelligent buildings to effectively manage all the various systems in buildings, while handling the large volume of data produced. The ability of cloud-based information technology to merge the various systems in buildings into a single building automation solution allows the systems to work together to achieve the greatest energy efficiency. Solar power usage in buildings is predicted to increase as well, as a way of effectively reducing traditional energy usage and improving sustainability.

The ongoing expansion of commercial, government, university, nonprofit, and school construction is helping to fuel the continued growth of the green building industry, but its focus is expected to continue to switch from new building design to greening existing buildings. While building owners in past years have relied on LEED ratings as the top way to prove the sustainability of their structures, the rating system is expected to be besieged by challengers in 2014. The complexity and expense of LEED, coupled with recent administration actions that put the Green Globes rating system offered by the Green Building Initiative on a par with LEED for federal projects, is expected to open the market to competitors.

Free and open disclosure will become a major issue in 2014. Industry-developed disclosure systems of chemicals of concern used in building products are expected to compete with systems offered by dozens of third-party rating agencies, as building product manufacturers attempt to gain or maintain market share based on their disclosure of these chemicals. Commercial building owners can expect to have to disclose the actual performance of their green buildings, thanks to Green Building Performance Disclosure requirements that were enacted by more than 30 major cities in the country last year. The Green Building Performance Disclosure trend is expected to spread rapidly, as it is an easy way to monitor reductions in carbon emissions in commercial and governmental buildings.

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