Digital Video Recording Technology in Miami

Are you searching for a cost-effective way to enhance security at your building? Commercial building owners today are faced with the challenge of trying to balance financial concerns with the pressing need to secure the safety of their premises and the property within. By pairing CCTV cameras with digital video recording (DVR) technology, the security experts at Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with an effective way to increase the security at your building at an affordable price. Since digital video recording technology allows security footage to be monitored remotely, you gain the benefits of 24-hour, around the clock protection without incurring the punitively high expense of hiring guards or a security company to patrol your premises.

Digital Video Recording Technology
Miami Digital Video Recording Technology

The reliability of digital video recording technology in Miami has caused it to become the centrally adopted method CCTV companies use to record digital surveillance. Digital Video Recorders, configured for use in security applications, are used to record video feed from closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in digital format onto a disk drive or other memory medium within a given device, such as a portable media player, software on a personal computer, or a stand-alone set-top box. These feature-rich devices deliver clear video images that lend themselves to superior detection and documentation purposes, as they are easy to freeze-frame and view in detail.

Digital Video Recorders are designed to provide a number of advanced functions, including the ability to search video recordings by various criteria including time, event, date, and camera location. DVRs give users control over frame rate, quality, and overwriting capacity. In the event that a disk drive or memory medium becomes full, DVRs overwrite the oldest security footage first so users always have access to the most current footage. This security footage can be accessed remotely through a PC by connecting the DVR to a LAN network or internet.

If you already have a network infrastructure in place, Advanced Control can transform your networked digital video surveillance cameras and servers into an Enterprise class video surveillance system. Our expert technicians will set-up a Network Video Recorder or Video Server that will enable you to access your facility’s video signals via your existing network infrastructure. This scalable system, which can be expanded as needed, will give you the ability to record and play back multiple cameras simultaneously and with increased speed. It can be configured to record both Network IP cameras and conventional Analog-type cameras, and you will be able to view all of the security camera footage from one centralized application.

If you have an older analog surveillance system in place that you would like to update without having to replace all your original equipment, the experienced security technicians at Advanced Control can install a Hybrid Video Recording (HVR) solution. This security solution combines the use of analog/IP cameras on one system, providing full HD video output with open platform functionality. You save on initial upgrade costs, since you can continue to use your existing infrastructure and replace it gradually as your budget allows. You can update for additional data storage as needed, and Advanced Control can easily expand your Hybrid Video Recording solution to an Enterprise Class System at any time.

For more than 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation has built a solid and respected reputation for providing the best in building automation in South Florida. Our proficient security design experts are ready to create a customized CCTV security solution that will increase the security, efficiency, and comfort of your facility. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover how affordable a building security solution can be.