South Florida Integrated Building Information Technology

In the past, building operational controls, such as lighting, HVAC, and access control, were commonly installed as separate systems that operated independently. Rising energy costs and growing awareness of environmental concerns led to the development of building automation systems, which integrate the mechanical, electrical, and security systems of a building so they work together as a single synergistic system, increasing occupant comfort and lowering energy usage. The explosive growth of information technology over the past few years has expanded the possibilities for integrated building control even further, so that it is now possible to combine building controls, telecommunications, data, and security systems into one fully integrated control solution.

Building Information Technology
South Florida Integrated Building Information Technology

New building construction affords owners the opportunity to take full advantage of South Florida integrated building information technology, by installing a completely integrated system with each component and system specifically designed to work together. Owners of existing structures face the challenge of trying to integrate multiple systems from different companies, which often suffer from problems of interoperability due to incompatible operating systems and differing manufacturer protocols. Advanced Control Corporation overcomes these difficulties, achieving seamless integration in a cost effective manner by using building automation systems that can communicate with other building automation components via various open protocols.

A comprehensive integrated building control solution must work in tandem with the latest open protocol standards, yet work with any installed base of legacy systems, which use a wide variety of proprietary protocols. Advanced Control’s featured building automation systems are able to interface with other manufacturer’s systems and share information between all the component systems in the building, such as fire alarms, CCTV systems, HVAC, lighting controls, and more. By utilizing open protocol support to work with the products and information system of many other vendors, Advanced Control is able to bring the benefits of integrated building information technology to older structures. Our systems allow use of the same hardware and software for small or large systems.

If your facility uses a product without an open standard to communicate, Advanced Control has a list of over 200 third party communication drivers, including many propriety protocols. TAC embraces BACnet, an open ASHRA/ANSI/ISO standard that provides the opportunity for building automation systems to interoperate with each other and take full advantage of BACnet’s data sharing, scheduling, alarm tactics, trends, and device management services. Advanced Control is able to provide the highest level of interoperability at every level, from the BACnet operator’s workstation to the building controller to the simplest terminal controller. Our IT-friendly system supports a full range of major communication, desktop IT, and building automation standards such as email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, and Ethernet.

When all of a building’s operational systems are fully integrated, they are able to work together to produce a variety of environmental and financial benefits. By integrating access control information with HVAC and lighting control, an integrated building management system can reduce energy consumption 20% to 30% through managing occupied space with time-of-day zone control and by registering empty areas of the building, shutting off the lights, and adjusting the temperature. In addition to saving energy, the functionality of fully integrated building technology results in enhanced security, increased worker productivity, and financial benefits in the form of lowered operational costs and enhanced tenant appeal.

Advanced Control Corporation has been an industry leader in providing integrated building automation solutions in South Florida since 1987. As integrated building information technology evolves, we will continue to incorporate the latest advances to provide innovative building systems for all your building control needs. Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 and let our experts customize an integrated building management solution for your facility today.