South Florida Video Surveillance Systems

Demand for video surveillance systems is at an all-time high in the United States, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. Video surveillance systems provide an affordable and secure way for building owners to stretch their security system budget while protecting their property and premises more completely. In addition being an effective theft deterrent, a video surveillance system provides a secure environment in which to work and live, which acts as a draw for new tenants and increases the satisfaction of current occupants. The advent of intelligent building technology and improvements in storage capabilities, resolution, and ease of use have made a full-featured video surveillance system an affordable necessity for today’s building owners.

Video Surveillance Systems
South Florida Video Surveillance Systems

Advanced Control Corporation, as an industry-leading provider of the most advanced building automation solutions, has decades of experience creating security and South Florida video surveillance systems for buildings of all sizes. Our experienced technicians will work with you to design the surveillance system that best suits your needs, incorporating one of these video recording solutions:

Digital Video Recording (DVR)
A Digital Video Recorder has the capacity to record video feed in digital format onto a disk drive or other memory medium located within a given device, providing extended recording time and more capabilities than its ancestor, the VCR. Digital Video Recorders configured to provide security applications record video signals from closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras for superior detection and documentation purposes, delivering clear video images that are easy freeze-frame and view in detail. DVRs provide control over frame rate, quality and overwriting capacity and facilitate video searches by time, event, date, and camera location. Security footage can be accessed remotely through a PC by connecting the DVR to a LAN network or internet. In the event a disk becomes full, DVRs overwrite the oldest security footage first.

Network Video Recording (NVR)
Advanced Control can transform your networked digital video surveillance cameras and servers into an Enterprise class video surveillance system. Network Video Recorders or Video Servers enable you to access your facility’s video signals via your existing Network infrastructure so you can expand your system, as needed. You gain the capacity to view all of the security camera footage from one centralized application, and the ability to record and play back video feed from your integrated Workstation or via the Web, making it easy to manage your video surveillance system. Your system can be enhanced to include video analytics, custom designed to suit your business needs.

Hybrid Video Recording (HVR)
Our Hybrid Video Recording (HVR) solution combines the use of analog/IP cameras on one system, providing full HD video output with open platform functionality. This solution converts your older systems to allow for viewing on the web, allowing you to update an older analog system without replacing all of your original investment. Keeping your existing infrastructure as you update your system reduces the initial upgrade cost, and allows for a gradual system replacement. Flexible security capabilities coupled with advanced levels of response and readiness make Advanced Control’s hybrid video recording system solutions your answer to upgrading to the industry standard.

For more than 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation has built a solid and respected reputation for providing the best in building automation in South Florida, helping business owners increase the security, efficiency, and comfort of their buildings. Our proficient security design experts are ready to combine video surveillance and CCTV technology, with Access Control and Elevator Access Control to create a customized security automation solution for your facility. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover the peace of mind a truly secure facility can provide.