Power Monitoring for Miami Buildings

Building automation solutions yield a number of obvious benefits, as they improve the safety, security, and energy efficiency of facilities and create an enhanced building environment for occupants. One of the less obvious but vitally important services building automation solutions can provide is power monitoring. Imagine having the ability to detect disturbances and their potential causes, and identify problem conditions before they create a customer complaint, equipment malfunction, failure, or damage. Power monitoring building automation solutions from Advanced Control Corporation do that and much more: they can be customized to provide critical power monitoring, power quality analysis and monitoring, and tenant sub-metering for billing.

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Power Monitoring for Miami Buildings

When it comes to critical power monitoring, there is absolutely no room for error. Advanced Control ensures the cross-functionality of all your critical power monitoring systems including electrical product design, electrical product manufacturing, and power management and control systems. Our knowledgeable technicians oversee coordination across all facets of a critical power project, making certain all critical factors are operating and backed up at all times. Advanced Control’s critical power monitoring system provides real-time PDU-level and outlet-level monitoring of power, and monitors Rack temperature, humidity, remote PDU-level and outlet-level power switching.

Thresholds and alerts can be set for power environmental monitoring to help you understand potential fault situations before they lead to actual outages. The information is displayed right on your building automation system workstation, so IT administrators and facility managers can make informed capacity planning decisions and effectively utilize their power resources. In addition to saving you power and money, Advanced Control’s critical power monitoring solutions improve uptime and staff productivity, and even facilitate your building’s becoming a more green data center. Upgrades, new features, and sophisticated integration with other IT infrastructure management solutions are all available via a simple firmware download.

One of the fundamental services provided by Advanced Control is power quality analysis and monitoring to detect, solve, and prevent issues to do with both utility and customer power systems. We design  power monitoring building automation solutions specifically for each business to ensure seamless, effortless operation. Building automation solutions at Advanced Control Corporation are personally tailored with customer input provided by each specific customer and tailored to each location. Your custom system will monitor and trend conditions, and assess sensitivity of process equipment to disturbances to ensure it can establish the precise location, source, timing, frequency of any events that occur. In addition to identifying and preventing disturbances, Advanced Control’s  power quality analysis and monitoring solutions assist in preventative and predictive maintenance and evaluate performance against specifications to help you develop maintenance schedules.

To help establish long-term profitability for your facility, Advanced Control also provides a tenant submetering solution for billing that can reduce expenses, enhance profits, and provide customer service standards that attract long-term, high-quality tenants. Our submetering solution quickly and cost-effectively allocates occupant electrical usage and provides tenants with the information for their individual energy usage, instead of billing by square footage. You can reduce expenses by applying the insights you gain into how to reduce energy use in common areas and implementing demand control.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a power monitoring building automation solution in your building? Whether you are designing a new facility or renovating an existing structure, Advanced Control Corporation is ready to help! As the leader of building automation in South Florida for over twenty years, our specialists have helped thousands of building owners maximize their building’s energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their profitability. Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 to discover all the ways a building automation solution can improve your building’s performance and profitability!