South Florida Green Building Construction is Growing, and Fast

Green building construction in the U.S. is growing at an exponential rate, so quickly that by as early as 2016 it may represent 55 percent of all commercial and institutional construction. While commercial buildings still account for the largest share of the green building market, the percentage of residential projects is increasing steadily. In addition to being a real step forward for sustainability, according to a report released by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), all this growth is bolstering the jobs market and generating significant profits. The green building industry is on target to bring in revenue of between $96 billion to $140 billion this year, and if the current growth continues, industry revenue could top $248 billion by 2016.

Green Building Construction
South Florida Green Building Construction

USGBC’s report, “LEED in Motion: People and Progress,” is the first of three LEED in Motion summaries scheduled for release this year. It provides a statistical snapshot of the role diverse people and organizations across the country play in the growth of U.S. green building industry, examining the industry’s value and the spread of its influence on this country’s population. The report estimates that a massive amount of people benefit from healthy, efficient LEED buildings every day: more than 4.3 million people live and work in LEED-certified buildings, and over 6.2 million people experience a LEED-certified project in some way each day(such as shoppers, students, etc.).

This increasing exposure to green buildings and the benefits they bring is helping to fuel the growth of the industry, as sustainable design becomes perceived as the desirable norm. A growing percentage of the population is now residing in LEED-certified residential properties; USGBC estimates place 93,120 bedrooms in 10,174 LEED-certified single-family homes and 1,236 LEED-certified multifamily buildings. Earlier market research has projected that by 2016, residential green building projects could be worth as much as $114 billion.

USGBC’s report examined more than 186,000 LEED-credentialed professionals and nearly 13,000 USGBC member organizations that play a role in the green building industry, highlighting them by sector and geographic distribution. The majority of USGBC membership, almost 10,000 members, consists of contractors, builders, professional firms, or product manufacturers. Federal, state, and local government employees account for another 371. While Washington, DC has long been the US leader in per-capita LEED certifications, that may soon change as California takes the lead as the state with the most LEED professionals and USGBC member companies. Globally, the US leads the number of LEED-certified professionals with almost 11,700; Canada has 6,361 LEED-credential holders, by far the largest number outside of the US, followed by South Korea with 874 and China with 779.

As green construction continues to grow, every day seems to bring a new green first from the US or a location around the globe. Residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are coming together to create a more sustainably built environment, and the benefits to people and environment continue to increase.

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