Palm Beach Small Building Automation Solutions

Is your small building ringing up large operating costs? While owners of larger facilities are turning to building automation solutions in record numbers to reduce their energy usage and operating costs, many small business owners are still losing money and energy every month, unaware that automation solutions are now available for every size facility. With a small building automation solution from Advanced Control Corporation, small building owners can enjoy the increased efficiency, lowered costs, and enhanced security options enjoyed by much larger facilities.

Small Building Automation
Palm Beach Small Building Automation Solutions

Small buildings of every type can enjoy enhanced security and access control while significantly reducing energy costs by installing a small building automation solution that incorporates HVAC (temperature) control, lighting control, and access control. Advanced Control’s industry-leading HVAC control lowers energy consumption by monitoring and maintaining set temperature points; our lighting control uses time and zone controls to turn off lighting in any area of the building that is unoccupied, while access control denies or permits the use of specified resources. In addition to increasing small buildings’ comfort, safety, and energy efficiency, our controller solutions provide a cost effective stand-alone solution for taking control of unmanned or remote sites.

Advanced Control’s small building automated solution is the perfect way to get started, or extend the value of a current installation. Advanced Control uses Andover Controls’ integrated small buildings controller, which gives small installations the same benefits as TAC’s flagship Andover Continuum product line. TAC, a leading provider of energy management, building and security solutions, originally developed these products to monitor and control large commercial and institutional solar energy systems, but have since tailored the product line to encompass all types and sizes of buildings.

Andover Controls’ integrated small building controller provides eight custom inputs – two reader inputs for access control, and four outputs to operate locks, etc. – in a convenient single-board solution that is perfect for use in small facilities such as retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and smaller office buildings. Our controller solutions are adaptable, so as your facility expands, you can expand your site by adding up to four controllers that can operate as a single integrated system to accommodate your building automation needs and your access control needs from an integrated system.

Our Palm Beach small building automation solutions are network ready, hosting an Ethernet port and supporting TCP/IP, SNMP and built in web server. No additional software is needed to display site information, with access available on a standard web browser from anywhere in the world. To complete monitoring and control needs, Andover Controls’ small building controller integrates with Continuum CyberStation or web.Client, which offer dynamic, graphical displays where users can analyze system alarms and live conditions. With this increased functionality, users can change set points and alarm thresholds, or modify operating modes instantly.

By integrating their mechanical, electrical, and security systems with a small building automation solution from Advanced Control Corporation, small building owners can now have the increased energy efficiency, higher security, and better living and working environment that larger facility owners enjoy. Whether you are responsible for a large multi-site facility or a single small building, you can rely on our team of experienced professionals to customize the ideal automated building solution to meet your needs. Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 and let one of our automation experts customize an integrated building automation solution for your large or small building today.