Multi-Location Building Automation Systems in South Florida

Facility managers today are faced with a multitude of challenges. As resource costs continue to rise, many companies are tightening their budgets, leaving facility managers struggling to provide adequate supervision of all the locations under their care. The average size of workforces is shrinking as well, making the situation even more difficult. Intelligent building technology provides the solution with web-based multi-location building automation systems that can control and maintain multiple buildings, locations, or even cities from one central system that is accessible from virtually anywhere.

Multi-Location Building Automation Systems
Multi-Location Building Automation Systems in South Florida

In the past, facilities needed to have a maintenance or property manager onsite in each building. This imposed a significant financial burden on facilities with a large number of buildings, and created enormous problems for remote facilities that could only be reached with difficulty. Web-based automation systems allow operators to connect multiple buildings at different locations to the Internet through gateways and convert information through an Internet protocol. The use of web-based multi-location building automation systems can significantly improve facilities with a wide range of benefits that includes:

  • Decreased Staffing Needs
    Web-based building automation allows one building manager or operator to easily access and manage system information for multiple locations at the same time. The operator can be based miles or even continents away. Having a single operator manage many locations generates both immediate and long term cost savings by reducing the number of needed staff.
  • Heightened Security
    Building security, access, alarms, and  HVAC conditions can be monitored around the clock from a single secure off site location. Should an issue arise, a whole facility response can be easily coordinated since the operator is aware of the conditions in all of the facility’s buildings.
  • Full Access to Data
    Specialists can access and analyze data from every building and location in the facility at once, at any time of day or night from any location. This enhanced access to data increases the accuracy and relevance of decisions especially in rapidly changing conditions, since specialists are able to make their calculations from real, accurate data rather than assumptions, estimations, or stale figures.
  • Enhanced Occupant Options
    Building occupants and tenants can be given access to request temperature readings, temperature points, HVAC operation, and air quality information. They can access after-hours tenant override to override HVAC, lighting, and temperature controls, with the overrides taking place immediately or on a delayed schedule.
  • Greater Cohesiveness
    Employing a web-based building automation system allows operators to eliminate isolated and redundant building systems, so the entire facility operates as a cohesive whole.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Accessing and controlling multiple buildings and locations from a single workstation minimizes the time and effort involved in managing your facility.

School systems and universities were some of the earliest adopters of web-based multi-location building automation systems. The switch to a single efficient whole facility solution netted them an impressive amount of savings, thanks to a dramatic reduction in needed staff, the elimination of redundancies, and improved energy efficiency. Increasing numbers of hospitals, government facilities, and larger industrial complexes are now adopting these efficient systems, as well as private business owners.

As the industry leader in building automation systems in South Florida since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation is at the forefront of the emerging technologies and methods used in today’s advanced intelligent buildings. Whether you are managing a portfolio of buildings and facilities, or are seeking single or small building solutions, Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with an automated solution tailored to meet your needs. Contact Advanced today at 954-491-6660 for more information.