How Palm Beach Building Automation Solutions Save Energy

Palm Beach Building Automation Solutions Save Energy
Palm Beach Building Automation Solutions Save Energy

Energy usage within commercial buildings has increased over the years, with the result that energy costs are now the largest single operating expense commercial building owners face. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, research has shown more than half the energy used by commercial buildings goes toward heating and lighting. Building automation solutions monitor and manage the lighting, heating, and cooling of buildings, preventing energy from being wasted in unused areas. Since at any given time typically 30% to 40% of commercial real estate is unoccupied, building automation solutions can save a considerable amount of energy, reducing a commercial building’s energy usage by up to 30%.

One of the most effective ways building automation systems save energy is through lighting control. Lighting control systems employ time and zone controls to turn off lights when a building is empty, relying on occupancy sensors to indicate whether people are present and switching the lights on or off accordingly. By utilizing occupancy sensors to turn off lights when a building is unoccupied, building automation solutions can reduce energy usage by 25%. Lighting control can be applied to indoor areas such as offices, cubicles, cafeterias, and storage areas as well as outdoor parking lots, garages, walkways, and signs. The range of control can be from a basic control system for lighting and equipment switching applications, ideal for use in facilities where time-of-day control is being managed from a time clock or centralized building management system, to a fully automatic lighting control for all of a facility’s lighting circuits.

Temperature control is another way building automation systems save energy and reduce operating costs, by insuring that each area of the building is accurately monitored and maintaining the specified set temperature points. Smart building automation software analyzes energy use to provide energy savings while still maintaining the comfort of the inhabitants. In addition, it has the capacity to receive, store and analyze metering and sensor data provided to optimize and track energy use. A building automation system provides powerful temperature control analysis and reporting tools that explore improved cost reduction opportunities. These cost reduction opportunities are automated on the display and supported by features such as utility bill validation.

In addition to saving energy and reducing operating costs, a building automation system can also increase your building and tenants’ safety. While building automation begins with the control of lighting and the air conditioning system (HVAC), other areas that can be controlled include security, close circuit video (CCTV),  elevator monitoring, plumbing and water monitoring, CO monitoring for parking garages, chiller plant, ventilation/smoke evacuation systems, and access control. A complete building automation solution will give you total control of your structure, whether you are on the grounds or off-site. Automatic after-hours tenant override is a customized solution to enable tenants to override preset building automation scheduling and HVAC systems after business hours via the internet or a touch-tone phone.

Now that you understand how Palm Beach building automation solutions save energy, it is time to start saving some energy and money of your own! Advanced Control Corporation has been the leader in building automation in South Florida for more than 25 years, having reduced the energy usage and operating costs of thousands of buildings through efficient energy management solutions. Contact Advanced at 954-491-6660 so our experts can start you on the path to higher efficiency and lower energy bills today!