Building Automation Solutions for West Palm Beach

Building Automation Solutions for West Palm Beach
Building Automation Solutions for West Palm Beach

Are you a West Palm Beach building owner looking for a way to lower your operating costs and attract new tenants? Tenants today are searching for buildings that provide maximum comfort, convenience, and security, with minimal operating costs and environmental impact. A building automation solution from Advanced Control Corporation is the ideal way to increase tenant appeal and decrease your on-going expenses, while providing you with a secure, efficient building that meets increasingly stringent government regulations on buildings and energy usage.

Commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings in West Palm Beach have all benefited from Advanced Control’s building automation technology. Our building automation solutions control the mechanical, electronic, and lighting systems in a building, combining them into a single integrated solution that coordinates the systems for maximum efficiency, user comfort, and cost reduction. The building systems and their functions include:

  • HVAC Control – turns on and off the heating system according to designated schedules (time of day, week, etc.); ensures the building maintains desired temperature during occupancy.
  • Lighting Control – employs time and zone controls to lower costs by turning off lights when the building is empty; occupancy sensors indicate whether people are present and switches the lights on or off accordingly. Available as a networked or stand-alone solution
  • Air Quality Control – monitors and eliminates unsafe levels of CO, CO2, and NO2 in buildings and parking garages; improves comfort by controlling humidity and eliminating unwanted odors.

Energy management systems are a core component of building automation systems. At any given time, 30% to 40% of a typical commercial building is not in use; by cutting off energy use in unused areas, an energy management system can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. While energy usage is substantially reduced through scheduling, Advanced Control’s telephone based override system provides customized control that allows users to override settings on-site or away from the premises via the phone or internet. The telephone based override module allows tenants the capability to override HVAC, lighting, and temperature controls, with overrides taking place immediately or on a delayed schedule. Building owners or managers can use available tracking software to bill the tenants according to their override activities; each specific tenant zone features its own hourly billing rate, to put owners and managers in complete control.

Building automation solutions for West Palm Beach, i Tenants appreciate the increased productivity that results when workers are in secure, comfortable working environments. Advanced Control’s security automation solutions achieve this by eliminating vulnerabilities and heightening the functionality of critical systems:

  • Access Control – denies or permits the use of a specified resource by a specified entity
  • Elevator Access Control – controls elevator use and floor access; floor access can be individually set for each card holder
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) – employs network, fixed position, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal imaging cameras to survey specified areas or the entire building; can be configured to work in all lighting conditions, even total darkness
  • CCTV Recording Solutions – digital, network, and hybrid video recording solutions can provide an economical alternative to security guards

By using Advanced Control’s building automation solutions West Palm Beach building owners have saved thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs. Advanced Control has been providing building automation in South Florida since 1987, improving the energy usage and costs of buildings of all sizes. Call Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 and let one of our experts improve your bottom line by customizing a building automation solution for your company.