LEED Green Building Rating Systems

LEED-Green-Building-Rating-SystemsDemand for LEED Certified buildings continues to grow, as building owners and tenants seek to experience the financial and environmental benefits that green buildings offer. For those seeking LEED certification for their building, the first step is choosing which LEED Green Building Rating Systems qualifications you will be meeting. The U.S. Green Building Council, which administers LEED Certification, has designated nine separate LEED rating systems, each focusing on a different aspect of the built environment:


  • LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations Primarily focused on commercial buildings, this system also covers offices, libraries, churches, hotels and government buildings that are newly constructed or undergoing major renovations, including significant alterations to the building envelope, HVAC system, and major renovation of interior spaces.
  • LEED for Existing Buildings A whole building rating aimed at reducing the environmental impact of existing buildings and implementing sustainable practices, concentrating on ongoing building operation and maintenance, including:
    • Water and energy use
    • Green cleaning products and practices
    • Sustainable purchasing practices
    • Waste management
    • Exterior building site maintenance
    • Indoor air and environment quality
  • LEED for Commercial Interiors For certifying green tenant owned or leased spaces within larger commercial or institutional buildings that have healthy environments, a reduced environmental footprint, and reduced operational and maintenance costs. This system is designed to work with Core & Shell.
  • LEED for Core & Shell Development Intended for the speculative development market where developers may have control of only the base building components (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structure, and envelope); designed to work with LEED for Commercial Interiors and LEED for Retail: Commercial Interiors.
  • LEED for Retail Similar to non-retail certification but designed to address the unique aspects of retail environments; provides two paths for projects to achieve certification:
    • New Construction & Major Renovations
    • Commercial Interiors Provides a route for individual tenants to achieve LEED certification for their space even if the rest of the building is not LEED-certified; designed to work with LEED for Core & Shell
  • LEED for Schools Similar to LEED for New Construction, but addresses issues specific to the academic arena including classroom acoustics, air and environment quality, and master planning.
  • LEED for Homes Designed to promote the construction of high-performance homes, it encompasses homes of all sizes and types. The process includes third-party verification by two types of raters:
    • LEED for Homes Green Rater Must be involves with project from design phase on; assembles and submits a Project Submittal Package
    • Home Energy Rating System Rater (HERS Rater) Conducts a series of energy efficiency test to generate a HERS Index score
  • LEED for Neighborhood Development Developed for neighborhood projects of any size, this system integrates the principles of smart growth, New Urbanism, and green infrastructure to emphasize green neighborhood development.
  • LEED for Healthcare Designed to address the requirements of Healthcare buildings not covered in LEED for New Construction by modifying existing credits and creating new, healthcare-specific credits; used by:
    • Inpatient and outpatient care facilities
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Assisted living facilities
    • Medical offices
    • Medical education centers
    • Research facilities

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