600 Brickell First LEED Platinum-Certified Building in South Florida

First LEED Platinum-Certified Building in Florida
LEED Platinum-Certified Building in South Florida

The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum certification to developer Foram Group for their building at Brickell World Plaza, making 600 Brickell the First LEED Platinum-Certified Building in South Florida. The 600,000-square-foot 40-story building sets a new international standard for sustainability and connectivity in office development. Designed by the global architecture group RTKL, the mixed-use commercial tower in the heart of Miami’s financial district was awarded LEED Platinum designation in the core and shell category, specific to new construction.

LEED is the internationally recognized green building program providing certification of the design, construction, and operation of high-performance, energy-saving green buildings. The U.S. Green Building Council recognized 600 Brickell for incorporating sustainable practices and reducing its carbon footprint by achieving superior efficiency in lighting, energy, water, and material use. Some of the intelligent building technologies employed throughout 600 Brickell that helps it achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency include:

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC / Temperature  Control
  • CO2 Sensors and Modulating Dampers
  • Ventilation Level Controls

In addition, the building will save up to three million gallons of water a year by recycling, purifying, and recirculating storm water. All these efficiency efforts should result in an estimated 18% reduction of energy costs for tenants. State of the art security automation solutions employed in the Brickell tower include elevator access control, key card controlled doors, and HD CCTV cameras. Other green features comprise the building’s proximity to public transportation and two Metromover stops, bicycle racks, showers, and an 11-tierparking garage with designated spaces for “green” energy-efficient vehicles.

In addition to superior sustainability and security, the $300 million building offers tenants enhanced connectivity. 600 Brickell is the most “connected” office building in the Southeast, delivering an advanced degree of information and communication technology (ICT) convergence that is unmatched anywhere in the United States. The Brickell Tower is connected to the NAP (Network Access Point) of the Americas in Miami, which is one of only eight Tier 4 Data Centers in the world. This means tenants will be using one of the most powerful and secure Internet access portals in existence, with direct access to the Internet backbone of the world through underground, redundant fiber-optic connections that link them to  the world in less than a millisecond. This matchless connectivity and security positions 600 Brickell as a prime location for international trading floors, post-production media facilities and other enterprises that need to transfer vast amounts of data with superior information security.

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