Platinum LEED Building Gives the Homeless a New Home

New hope and healthy living areas were given to the homeless in Los Angeles with the opening of Step Up on Vine, which will provide permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless. Monday night President Bill Clinton and Kobe Bryant hosted a private reception to celebrate the unveiling of the Platinum LEED building. The building, retrofitted by two non-profit housing developers, Step Up on Second and Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC), is part of the Step Up in Hollywood campaign to end homelessness by acquiring, developing and operating 200 LEED-certified permanent supportive home units by 2014.

Once a seedy motel, the three story building has been converted into a 34 apartment permanent supportive housing facility. Community spaces including a computer lab and commercial kitchen for the residents will share space with a café for the building’s residents and retail areas on the ground floor. The second and third floors will feature living areas, laundry facilities, and a community room. An aquaponic rooftop garden will afford residents the ability to grow their own food, along with 25 hydroponic tower gardens.

Some of the sustainable features of Step Up on Vine are green screens on the exterior and daylighting strategies that include low E windows and extended “shadow box” window surrounds that reduce glare and provide shading to windows; programmable lighting controls will optimize energy usage and reduce costs. High-density air filters, fresh air, and a digitally controlled, highly efficient HVAC system will improve the indoor air quality for residents while passive occupancy and motion sensors in public spaces and residential units will reduce energy usage. The solar array on the roof deck, solar thermal hot water system, and new efficient electrical and mechanical systems will further lower energy usage and costs.

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