Fort Lauderdale Building Automation Products

Buildings today require Fort Lauderdale building automation products and security systems that can adapt to rapid changes while providing a comfortable, safe, efficient environment. Advanced Control Corporation can ensure your building is up to the challenge by designing a building automation solution with the versatility to meet your present and future management needs. The entire TAC®Andover Continuum building automation product line that Advanced Control Corporation uses is designed with an emphasis on scalability, flexibility, and programmability to meet the increased demands of today’s facilities.

The powerful Continuum integrated building management system is uniquely built from the ground up as a joint climate control and security system. This approach provides a solution for the increasing demand for tight integration while reducing overall system cost. Continuum is backwardly compatible and built with a commitment to open standards, providing total building and system integration by interoperating with third-party systems.

The BACnet open standard creates the flexibility that building automation systems need to interoperate with one another. Continuum is a native BACnet system, using BACnet communications at every level to take full advantage of BACnet’s data sharing, trending, scheduling, alarming, and device management services. Continuum BACnet controllers interoperate with both BACnet and non-BACnet devices without the need for special protocol converters, enabling the Continuum system to provide the highest level of interoperability. Our graphical front-end, Continuum CyberStation™ and our web-based Andover Continuum BACnet interface, web.Client™, both now BACnet-compatible, provide our customers true single-seat control of their entire facility.

Wiring can account for 20% to 80% of the cost for an HVAC or lighting network control point. With TAC’s Andover Continuum wireless solution, you can drastically reduce this cost while improving your building’s performance. The Andover Continuum Wireless BACnet solution introduces cost savings and ease of installation benefits to the BACnet world of open protocol building automation while the Andover Continuum Wireless Infinet solution provides the same cost and installation benefits to existing Infinet-based sites. TAC’s wireless solutions, fully open and standards-based, can be deployed alongside existing networks and systems. You can see and manage the entire wireless network based on real-time information with TAC’s powerful graphical management tool. To complete the integrated Andover Continuum architecture of your building management system, Advanced Control offers a full line of Continuum temperature, humidity, CO2, and pressure sensors.

Advanced Control Corporation has been the industry leader in system integration, energy management, and building automation in South Florida since 1987. We have built a solid and respected reputation as leading Andover Controls providers. Our business solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers, and are constantly evolving in accordance with current technology. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to find out how an Andover building automation system can help you meet the increased demands of today’s buildings!