200 LEED Certified Buildings in South Florida

South Floridians are getting into the swing of going green; There are now 200 LEED certified buildings in South Florida on the books! The 200th building to receive LEED certification was Florida Atlantic University’s Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, located on a six-acre biotechnology laboratory complex at the Jupiter campus. The 100,000-square-foot laboratory and office building earned the LEED Gold status from the U.S. Green Building Council by striving to consume the least amount of energy possible. Its key features include mechanical systems with state-of-the-art energy recovery wheels to capture useable energy from building exhaust, an air-conditioning zoning strategy that reduces loads, and recycling of moisture removed in the process of dehumidification that contributes to the building’s cooling system.

With no LEED buildings certified here until 2009, the green construction movement got off to a slow start in South Florida, but the pace has certainly picked up. A record number of 61 projects achieved LEED certification in South Florida last year, with additional buildings currently undergoing the certification process. This figure only includes LEED projects that are publicly disclosed; many other commercial and residential structures also meet the strict building code, but keep their LEED status confidential. Several large, high-end commercial developers are pursuing LEED certification for their buildings as a way to attract more eco-conscious tenants at higher rent rates, but the government sector is leading the surge in green building in South Florida. Government organizations are increasingly turning to green construction as a way to lower their operating costs through effective energy and water management.


Whether you are seeking to lower your own operating costs with an efficient energy management system or are aiming for LEED certification for your building, Advanced Control Corporation can help you achieve your goal. An industry leader in emerging technologies for energy conservation for over 20 years, Advanced Control Corporation helped Broward County achieve its first LEED certified building, the Broward Community College South Regional Library, by installing the Building Automation/Energy Management System in the 70,000 square foot library. The building automation system controls and monitors all of the air handling units, variable air volume boxes, indoor air quality(CO2), indoor relative humidity, exhaust air system, and the chilled water system.

Advanced Control Corporation’s extensive experience as the premier provider of building automation, access control and CCTV systems and services in South Florida makes them the perfect partner to assist your organization in improving its environmental, energy and financial performance. Let us create the ideal energy management solution to lower your operating costs while preserving the environment. Contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660 today to get started toward a greener tomorrow.