Building Automation System Override for Thanksgiving Workers

The Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. You probably already have plans in place, and know where you will be spending the weekend. Do you know where your tenants will be? According to the latest Bloomberg BNA survey of year-end holiday practices, nearly all employers (99 percent) have scheduled a paid day off for Thanksgiving Day; however, 36 percent of businesses surveyed will require at least some of their workers to postpone or forego the annual feast with family and friends. The number of companies requiring holiday workers is moderately higher than last year, but still well below the highs of a decade ago, when almost half of employers required some staff to work on Thanksgiving Day.

Nearly three-fourths of responding employers have scheduled both Thanksgiving Day and the day after as paid days off for most or all of their personnel, which still leaves 27 percent of workers having to show up on Friday. Workers in small companies stand a much better chance of a long Thanksgiving weekend than do their colleagues in larger organizations. Four out of five firms with fewer than 1,000 employees have two scheduled paid days off; workers at only 56 percent of larger organizations will be as fortunate.

Which category fits your tenants? It is a very real possibility that you may have occupants in the office over the long holiday weekend. If so, it is imperative that those tenants have the capability to override the pre-set controls of your building automation system. When Advanced Control Corporation provides your building automation system, you gain comprehensive after hours tenant override technology personally tailored to fit your needs.

It is important that your building automation control system be equipped to respond to those needs with the least amount of user/operator effort. Advanced Control offers the freedom to manage and override the system directly from your smartphone! The telephone based override module allows tenants the capability to override HVAC, lighting, and temperature controls. Tenants can schedule overrides to take place immediately, or on a delayed schedule. Our telephone based override system is compatible with any touch-tone telephone, with a user-interface that is easy to operate.

It is crucial to maintain a building automation system that is simple and cost effective while remaining secure. Advanced Control Corp’s system automatically logs off following a period of inactivity to reduce the risk of fraud. User verifications standards incorporated into the system allow users to enter pin numbers and other verification codes quickly to override the building control system.

Using the integrated building management system, building managers can then bill the tenants according to their override activities. Available tracking software notes when the occupants use more than their allotted amount of energy. Tenants are able to override automatic after-hours settings and management is still able to track the extra usage as each specific tenant zone features its own hourly billing rate.

When you are considering the design of your building automation system, a telephone override system is the most flexible and user-friendly interface available. Advanced Control’s complete building automation solution will give you total control of your structure, whether you are on the grounds or away. Advanced Control Corporation works continuously and diligently to provide a variety of building automation solutions, allowing the building manager to select the one that works best for their needs and preferences. Advanced Control provides building automation in South Florida, as well as energy management, access control, CCTV solutions and more. For more information, contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 today.