Boynton Beach School Aims for Platinum LEED Certification

Palm Beach County may soon be home to the greenest elementary school in all of Florida. Galaxy Elementary School in Boynton Beach, one of Palm Beach County’s oldest public schools, is getting a green makeover. The $29.4 million project will incorporate solar power, wind turbines, plentiful natural daylight, high-efficiency lighting, rainwater for irrigation and a conservation area. Students will be able to attend science lessons outdoors, courtesy of the nature preserve situated at one side of the school. The new school is aiming to be the first elementary school to earn a Platinum LEED environmental rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The project will showcase the best in green construction and features a two-story “Wonderment Center,” with laboratories and interactive science displays. The school will emphasize top-level science and technology education by offering  a program called Environment, Energy and Engineering. Students  from outside the neighborhood boundary will be allowed to attend. Current plans call for the school to open with room for 500 students; an extra building shell will provide for future expansion to 650 students, and the campus has room for an addition that could one day house 960 students.

Advanced Control Corporation is excited to see Palm Beach County’s continuing commitment to green schools. We were thrilled to provide a building automation system for Palm Beach County’s first school constructed entirely to the Gold LEED standard, Palm Beach State College. The system provided by Advanced Control Corporation for the college controls and monitors all of the air handling units, variable air volume boxes, indoor air quality (CO2), indoor relative humidity, exhaust air system, and the chilled water system.  The new center saves 29 percent in energy costs. The new center saves 29 percent in energy costs. Advanced Control Corporation is proud to be a partner with Palm Beach State College and green building in South Florida.

Advanced Control Corporation is a member of the US Green Building Council and a leader in energy management and control solutions in South Florida. Initiatives bringing the sustainable movement together with schools are especially important to us, as our first green project was on the Broward Community College South Regional Library. Advanced Control Corporation has over 20 years of designing, installing and servicing building automation systems that have added to the sustainability of several thousand buildings in Florida.  For more information on how we can make your school or other facility more energy efficient, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660.