CCTV System For Security in Broward

UK officials spared no expense in trying to turn London into an impenetrable fortress— or at least making it appear so. Security for the London Olympic Games cost nearly $1.6 million and that was before the opening ceremonies.  As many as 48,000 security forces, 13,500 troops, surface-to-air missiles stationed on top of residential apartment buildings, unmanned drones peering down from the skies, number-plate and facial-recognition CCTV systems, and the more are all poised to keep the games safe this summer.

What are you doing to keep your building, tenets and business secure?  Missiles and drones may be a little out of your budget but a security CCTV system for security in Broward from Advanced Control Corp is not.  Advanced Control Corporation is staffed with skilled and qualified professionals to assist in developing an affordable security system for your building or business.

Advanced Control can implement a network camera system on to your building automation solution using your buildings computer network giving you the ability to monitor your building or business with video surveillance from a workstation at the location or via the web from anywhere in the world.  Advanced Control’s network IP cameras are closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras that use internet protocol to transmit images, signals and data over a high-speed Ethernet link instead of using standard coaxial cabling used in traditional camera systems. IP cameras make ideal surveillance cameras, they are very versatile and compact, and they can provide unmatched video resolution for the money. In most circumstances a group of IP cameras are deployed together with a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR) to form a seamlessly integrated video surveillance system.

When developing requirements for a CCTV system solution, Advanced Control knows security and reliability is at the top of the list of concerns. Fixed Position wall and ceiling mounted security cameras are a sturdy and attractive approach to your buildings video surveillance system. Fixed position security cameras are ideal for either indoor or outdoor environment, with designs and sizes available to complement any décor and motif.

Pan/tilt/zoom, or PTZ, cameras are the perfect complement to the fixed cameras. The PTZ allow the system operator the ability to investigate your premises from multiple angles, as opposed to simply remaining trained to one spot, offering a security advantage. The PTZ technology virtually eliminates the security issue of individuals avoiding areas they are aware are being seen or recorded, opting instead to perform unsavory activities such as vandalism or company theft where they know they are not being captured by the camera.

Advanced Control Corporation’s team of proficient security design experts are ready to create a video surveillance system for you.  Advanced Control provides building automation in South Florida, as well as energy management, access control, lighting control and more. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 and discover how affordable true security can be.