Olympic Games Take Gold for Lighting Control

The London Olympic Games have taken lighting control to a new level. The Pavegen tile installation at the West Ham tube station, a major London transport site feeding a million visitors over the next few weeks for the 2012 Olympic Games will generate enough power to light the hallway.  The kinetic energy from people’s footsteps will be stored as electricity and used to power 12 LED floodlights — it is the first installation of its kind for transport infrastructure.  The energy-capturing installation will light the walkway around the clock, storing surplus energy in batteries.

At first glance, the Pavegen tile looks like a low-tech block of plastic with an LED light embedded in the center — kind of like an overstuffed version of one of those dance game tiles that teens love. The tile is really a sophisticated device that captures the kinetic energy from human footfall traffic and converts it into usable electric energy. When stepped on, the tile surface flexes five millimeters, converting kinetic energy to around five to seven watts over the duration of the footstep, depending on the force exerted on the tile.

These Pavegen tiles do more than just power pretty lights. The units each contain wireless transmitters that send information via the web. Using computers or smart phones, pedestrians can monitor how much renewable energy is being generated. The London Olympic committee wants to remind people of the importance of their own carbon foot print with the Pavegen tile installation and have them help to contribute to making these games the most sustainable Olympics ever.

Your building may not be ready to generate its own power but Advanced Control Corp can help you control your lighting and lower your energy costs. The range of control can be from a basic control system for lighting and equipment switching applications which are ideal for use in facilities where time-of-day control is being managed from a time clock or centralized building management system to a fully automatic lighting control for all of your facilities lighting circuits. Lighting control can be applied to indoor areas such as offices, cubicles, cafeterias, and storage areas as well as outdoor parking lots, garages, walkways, and signs. These lighting control systems can be incorporated as part of a new construction project or retrofitted to your facilities existing lighting circuits to allow all types of buildings to have the efficient control of the lighting circuits.

By using a program like Square D lighting, you gain control over scheduling, occupant control, and dimming control over all the lighting systems in your buildings. This safety and security also saves money when it comes to your energy bill. Advanced Control has programs that give users the freedom to opt for a telephone or an internet based override system.

There are different options when selecting the appropriate Square D Lighting control products for your business. Powerlink G3 has remote operated circuit breakers that control electronics. The Clipsal product has a decentralized control network with input and output lighting control devices. Clipsal allows users to dim lighting as well as turn it off. Occupancy sensors are easy to install and can turn lighting on and off based on occupancy. Occupancy sensors have three parts so it is lost cost lighting control and saves 25% on average electricity bills.

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