Earn LEED Certification in Miami Through Building Automation

We have discussed the Who, What and Why of LEED certification so we will finish with the How.  How do you achieve LEED certification in Miami? LEED points are awarded on a 100-point scale, and credits are weighted to reflect their potential environmental impacts. Additionally, 10 bonus credits are available, four of which address regionally specific environmental issues. A project must satisfy all prerequisites and earn a minimum number of points to be certified.

There are different requirements for each of the LEED categories: new construction, core & shell, schools, retail – new construction and major renovations, healthcare, commercial interiors, existing buildings operations & maintenance, neighborhood development, and for homes.  We are going to discuss the requirements for new construction or major renovations on a retail/commercial building.

A commercial building has total maximum possible points of 69 Green Building Design & Construction in 6 major categories.  In the sustainable sites category you may be awarded up to 14 points, water efficiency – 5 points, energy and atmosphere has 17 points, material and resource – 13 points, indoor environmental quality is worth up to 15 points, and LEED innovation credits with 5 points.

There are four LEED certification levels.  For a building to be LEED certificated it must earn 26-32 points. To be LEED certified silver level you need to earn 33-38 points, and the gold level requires 39-51 points.  LEED certified platinum level is the highest attainable level and requires at least 52 of the available 69 points.

Advanced Control Corp can help you achieve your LEED certification! The LEED certification energy and atmosphere category has 17 available points and we know how to get them.  Advanced Control Corporation specializes in building automation and energy management.  We know how to improve and control the quality of your indoor atmosphere through the efficient use of your HVAC system. Our specialists will design an energy management system that will help you earn those LEED points while saving you money and increasing the efficiency of your building.

Planning a new building, major renovation or just updating your energy systems, Advanced Control can lead the way to LEED certification and energy savings. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today and let one of our experts customize an energy management system for your company.  Advanced Control provides building automation in South Florida, as well as energy management, lighting control, access control, CCTV solutions and more. For more information, call 954-491-6660 today.