Smart Homes Possible with Building Automation

The talk has switched from smart phones to “smart homes”.  What was once a futuristic fantasy is now becoming an affordable reality.  With the costs of sensors coming down so is the cost to connect to your home.  Smart homes, possible with building automation systems, allow you to monitor and control appliances and locks, and to automate particular task, such as controlling the temperature.  You can know when you child is home from school before they call you as the lock just sent a text to your smart phone letting you know it was opened!

Advanced Control Corporation has been using technology to allow you to manage your building from off site for years.  With building automation from Advanced Control you and your tenants have the capability to override HVAC, lighting, and temperature controls from your computer or smart phone. Our telephone based override system is compatible with any touch-tone telephone, and has a user-interface that is easy to operate.

You have the building’s HVAC, lighting, and temperature set for energy management and cost control but sometimes the occupants of a building will have a need to deter from the pre-set controls of the building automation system. Perhaps an employee needs to remain in the office to finish a deadline after hours. It is important that the building automation system be equipped to respond to those needs with the least amount of user/operator effort.  Tenants can schedule overrides affective same day, or future dated.

It is crucial to maintain a building automation system that is simple and cost effective at the same time. Advanced Control’s telephone based override system is compatible with any touch-tone telephone, and has a user-interface that is easy to operate with no training manual. The design of the telephone override system incorporates user verification standards that allow users to enter pin numbers and other verification codes quickly to override the building automation system.  Building managers can then bill the tenants according to the override activities using available tracking software, when the occupant uses more than their allotted amount of energy. Tenants are able to override automatic after-hours settings and management is still able to track the extra usage as each specific tenant zone features its own hourly billing rate.

Advanced Control’s complete building automation solution will give you total control of your structure, if you are on the grounds or away.  Advanced Control Corporation provides comprehensive telephone based tenant override technology that is personally tailored to fit your building automation requirements. Advanced Control provides building automation in South Florida, as well as energy management, access control, CCTV solutions and more. Contact Advanced Control and let our experts show you the future in building automation, call 954-491-6660 today.