Building Automation Control Systems

Can you afford the expected quadrupling of energy costs by 2030? Relying on your building’s tenets for energy management can cost you money.  Now is the time to invest in cost saving building automation.  When tenets leave their office lights on overnight or for the weekend, and the thermostat low they are wasting energy and costing you money.  Most office buildings are vacant over 62% of the time!

Building automation gives you control over your building’s energy costs by giving you control over the systems that use the most energy – lighting, and the HVAC equipment.  When a building is automated seamlessly, its daily routines are uninterrupted and as a result, its inhabitants need not be aware of what goes on behind the scenes-this is the ideal situation. Advanced Control Corporation achieves seamless integration in a cost effective manner. Our building automation systems can be installed in buildings with existing HVAC equipment and other building automation components via various open protocols. By interfacing with the systems of other manufacturer’s, our featured systems can communicate to the entire building and share information between systems such as fire alarms, CCTV systems, lighting controls and more.

By providing both an HVAC and lighting control simultaneously, Advanced Control Corporation keeps your building running efficiently.  A complete building automation solution will give you total control of your structure, if you are on the grounds or away. Automatic after-hours tenant override is a customized solution to enable tenants to override preset building automation scheduling and HVAC systems via the internet or a touch-tone phone after business hours.   Advanced Control’s systems assign equipment to specified zones, allowing multiple tenant access to the same mechanical equipment.  Our systems have the ability to accommodate a high volume of tenants with ease.

If want to bill your tenet’s for their energy use than Advanced Control has the system for you.  Management is able to track the extra usage as each specific tenant zone features its own hourly billing rate.  Tenants can schedule overrides affective same day, or future dated. Building managers can then bill the tenants according to the override activities using available tracking software, when the occupant uses more than their allotted amount of energy. Management is able to track the extra usage as each specific tenant zone features its own hourly billing rate.  Tenants and management are provided with detailed billing summary reports monthly. Our systems have uncomplicated the lives of building administrators and their tenants.

If you do not monitor, you cannot possibly get a handle around the energy consumption of your tenants and your building.  Advanced Control Corporation provides a full portfolio of metering and monitoring solutions for building automation needs.  Call Advanced Control Corporation today and let one of our experts customize a building automation system for you.  Advanced Control provides building automation in South Florida, as well as energy management, access control, CCTV solutions and more. For more information, call 954-491-6660 today.