Importance of Building Automation

What is building automation and why is it important?

Building automation system is a computerized, intelligent network of hardware and software designed to monitor and control the environment in a building.  It controls the mechanical electronics, and lighting systems in a building, usually a commercial, industrial or institution facility. It ensures the operation performance of the building as well as the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants.  Building automation systems can increase a building’s security and lower a building’s energy consumption.

What does a building automation system control?

Building automation begins with the control of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.  The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) is almost always included.  Other areas that can be controlled include lighting, security, close circuit video (CCTV),  elevator monitoring, plumbing and water monitoring, electrical usage, CO monitoring for parking garages, chiller plant, tenant override and access control.

How does a building automation system help me?

Employees who are the most comfortable put in the best efforts for the company, and consumers within your facility are apt to have a better experience. Temperature control through the proper building automation system is an ideal way to reduce energy costs by insuring that each area is accurately monitored and maintaining the specified set points. In addition, it is also a great way to reduce negative impact on the environment, making your building more green friendly.

We all know that leaving lights on, costs money.  With a building automation system that includes lighting control you will no longer be wasting electricity and money on a lite empty room.  Security is important to everyone and with a close circuit video system and motion sensor lighting you can easily improve your buildings security providing a safer environment for employees and tenants.

A complete building automation solution will give you total control of your structure, if you are on the grounds or away. Automatic after-hours tenant override is a customized solution to enable tenants to override preset building automation scheduling and HVAC systems via the internet or a touch-tone phone after business hours.

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