A Website for Buildings, Honestly – Honest Buildings

Really a website for buildings?  Yes, Honest Buildings is a brand new beta website that allows users to find and compare information, rating and reviews for every commercial or residential building in the U.S.  Search an address in one of 5,570 cities, and ratings on the building’s walkability, energy use, and LEED compliance shed light on its green performance. Join the network, and you can review, comment on, or add photos of a building. Members who design, build, and repair buildings can showcase particular projects and link them to the building’s profile page.  The website tools have been billed as a Yelp for buildings and a Linked-In for building professionals. As the site matures, the creators see it developing into an organic gathering place for discourse on the built environment – a social media hub just for buildings.

The project started when founder Riggs Kubiak sought to help property owners adopt energy efficiency measures but lacked the tools to help owners see how similar buildings performed. The website has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund, ENERGY STAR, Building Operator’s Certification, and CUNY High Performance Building Lab for data and is seeking even more partnership with groups to make plugging performance and other metrics for a building easy – from skyscrapers to houses. Because Honest Buildings gets their data directly from these sources it’s reliable. Plus, anyone can augment or dispute incorrect information.

Honest Buildings is not just about rating a building’s energy use and green status.  It is also a marketplace where owners can shop for qualified building service providers, from HVAC to solar. Vendors post project portfolios on the site, linking them to buildings. This creates a “health record” for individual buildings, and it also allows owners to review the track record and capabilities of vendors.

Yes, even if you do not own a large, green office building Honest Buildings is for you. If you’re trying to sell your home, you could upload photos and advertise amenities that would be attractive to buyers. Looking for a new house, apartment or office space, you could review the buildings efficiency and feedback from the current tenants on that building. The availability of this data should ultimately drive competition for buildings to be greener, which is a good thing for everyone.

So go ahead, check out your home, office building see who is the greenest in your neighborhood.

As a leader in building automation, Advanced Control Corporation is delighted to that this information will be available to everyone.  Want to up your building’s status?  If you are considering increasing your building’s efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money, contact Advanced Control Corporation today. From lighting control and air quality control to energy management and small building solutions, Advanced Control has the knowledge, skill and expertise to find the ideal solution for you.  To learn more, call 954.491.6660 today.