Green Button Initiative

Last month the White House called for power companies to help people in the United States better manage their energy usage.   So your electricity bill may be expanding with new support from the private sector and government agencies.

Nine new utilities and electricity suppliers have answered the White House’s call and now more than 15 million Americans are able to view their electricity usage electronically via the Green Button initiative.  These suppliers will make their customers’ energy-usage information available on their websites so people can quickly make informed decisions about how to better use their power. Essentially you will be able to click a green button on a website to view your energy usage information.

The feds modeled Green Button after a similar initiative called Blue Button that lets people click a button online to view their personal health data and share it with healthcare providers and other trusted health partners.

On April 5th the Department of Energy will launch it Apps for Energy challenge on the website. Sponsored by PG&E and Itron, this challenge will offer a $100,000 grand prize to the best application that leverages open energy data to help people use electricity and other power utilities more effectively.

This data also is spawning new Web and smartphone applications from the private sector that help people perform a number of energy efficiency-related actions, such as choose the most economical rate plan for their usage patterns; choose the correct size for and finance rooftop solar panels; and create a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

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