The Truth about Those Energy Saving Tips

We are always glad to see the media encouraging the public to conserve energy and giving them the truth about energy saving tips.  There is too much misinformation out there regarding energy saving for buildings.  Advanced Control Corporation – the industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integration, access control and CCTV solutions, was pleased to see the Miami Herald writing about the truth of those energy saving tips in Sunday’s paper.

Michael Blasik, a building-science consultant from the Boston area, did an analysis that included the studying the utility bills of homeowners who participate in home weatherization programs and compared their savings to the expectations offered by such sources as government agencies, utility companies and the media.

Blasik found the most noticeable difference in your energy bill could come from some low-cost, low-effort measures. These included: Unplug an underused refrigerator; change the thermostat when you are away or asleep; activate your computer’s sleep mode, turn off the television when you are not watching it and to switch to efficient lightening.

Advanced Control recommends you take these tips and apply them to your business. Advanced Control Corporation offers progressive and environmentally sound solutions for building automation, energy management, access controland CCTV Solutions. By using a program like Square D lighting, you gain control over scheduling, occupant control, and dimming control over all the lighting systems in your buildings. This safety and security will save you money when it comes to your energy bill.

If you are interested in saving money on your energy bill, contact an energy manager or a lightening specialist at Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660!