Super Bowl Security Gadgets

While Brady and Manning were tossing the pigskin inside the Lucas Oil stadium, outside there were new futuristic technology patrolling the streets.  “We’re using more technology and state of the art technology than has been used in any Super Bowl before this one,” explained Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub.

There were dozens of undercover policemen with smartphones running around, live streaming the crowds back to a command center for monitoring.   Your company may not be able to afford the $18 million price tag for this kind of surveillance, but you cannot afford to leave your facility unprotected.  Advanced Control provides several affordable, effective, and customizeable security gadgets that help to keep your South Florida building secure. Advanced Control is an industry-leading provider of closed circuit television surveillance technology. Logically tailored to meet your building automation surveillance needs, your closed circuit television system will secure your buildings inhabitants.

In today’s world, the multi-tasking smartphone is the most convenient way to manage from off site.  The telephone-based tenant override technology is compatible with any touch-tone telephone. This module allows building managers to accommodate a high volume of tenants and to override HVAC, lighting, and temperature controls.

The Super Bowl security included  mobile x-ray inspection that was housed in a moving truck.  This technology reveals explosives, plastic weapons and drugs.  Advanced Control has thermal imaging cameras to help monitor your building. Advanced Control Corporation offers solutions that are designed to monitor and control every mechanical component and virtually all aspects towards helping you run your facility.  If you are interested and finding out more information about security technology for your facility, contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954.491.6660 today!