Loretta Cockrum Develops LEED-Certified 600 Brickell

Loretta Cockrum, owner of the Foram Group and native Miamian, has “developed 600 Brickell at Brickell World Plaza, a building that features the latest in technology and a concept rooted in the stewardship of land.” Raised on her family’s farms in Illinois and Indiana, Cockrum developed a love of the land that propelled her to work for the nation’s largest ranch management company, and then start her own business that helps families run their farms.

Loretta has turned her love of the great outdoors into a booming business, and is making headlines for her recent work with 600 Brickell. The new building comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology and environmental sustainability. The latest addition to Miami’s financial district, this impressive building is a soaring “40 stories of glass and steel.” The 600 Brickell project holds the esteemed honor of being the only Florida LEED pre-certified platinum real estate tower. “It is the foundation of our sustainable commitment, because if you are managing farmland and timberland and you are not an incredible steward of that property, there is nothing that will deteriorate faster,” said Cockrum.

The building cost $310 million to construct, including $180 million of equity. To read about all of the sustainable elements that were incorporated into 600 Brickell, read the full article from the Miami Herald.

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