Japan Implementing Smart Lighting System in Tsukuba

As sustainability efforts grow globally, more countries’ governments are implementing programs and other initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Japan’s Ministry of the Environment announced plans to deploy a new intelligent street lighting system as part of their “2011 Challenge 25 Regional Development project,” which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help with environmental conservation.

In addition to helping to preserve the environment, the new lighting control system is expected to help save Tsukuba – the first city receiving the controls – save money without sacrificing public infrastructure or safety. The project will utilize energy control networking technology as well as power line communications (PLC) on the existing infrastructure to operate segment controllers across the city’s street lighting system. Management software will help to monitor energy consumption, save power with dimmers, adjust lighting schedules and intensity as needed for public safety and identify failures and other problems on the network, making it easier to locate and repair street lights that have gone out. The smart street lighting system is also designed to light particular areas of concern at night, helping to keep residents safe.

The smart lighting system will be the first of its kind in Japan, contributing to the country’s overall energy management efforts. As governments implement sustainable initiatives, we notice that more and more companies are making their own efforts to green their operations. Advanced Control Corporation helps companies in South Florida meet these goals through building automation, including energy management, lighting control, power monitoring, air quality control and more. For more information, contact ACC today by calling 954.491.6660.