“Don’t Be Evil”: Google Sticks to its Motto for a Greener Googleplex

Google took to its public blog yesterday to report on their latest efforts to build a healthier, greener Google. Main point on their agenda? Greening their office buildings. In the blog, Green Team Lead of Real Estate & Workplace Services Anthony Ravitz stresses the importance of a healthy and productive environment for the company’s workers: “We want to create the healthiest work environments possible where Googlers can thrive and innovate,” wrote Ravitz, “From concept through design, construction and operations, we create buildings that function like living and breathing systems by optimizing access to nature, clean air and daylight.”

Google has invested in the most efficient heating, cooling and lighting control systems. In many of their offices, they have performed energy and water audits, and have implemented conservation measures to develop best practices that are then applied to their offices worldwide. Google also avoids the use of materials that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxins known to harm human health (think certain paints, cleaning supplies, building materials, pesticides and even some furniture).

Other green practices the billion-dollar company has implemented include:

  • Using materials free from the Living Building Challenge Red List Materials and the EPA Chemicals for Concern
  • Pushing the construction industry to adopt product transparency practices
  • Seek out renewable sources of energy when possible
  • Encouraging healthy competition among Google offices around the world by implementing the Sustainable Pursuit program

Be sure to check out the Google blog for more detailed information. One of the most significant achievements in Google’s green efforts is its first LEED-certified building to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

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