Incentives That Can Make Your Company Energy Efficient

Various state incentives have dramatically increased their business programs that are aimed at helping companies shift over to going green by reducing the use of conventional energy sources, which will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such incentives will greatly help companies achieve their environmental effects. Buildings constructed  between 2006 and 2013, taking into account  the energy cost of building envelope, heating, water heating, cooling and lighting systems can benefit from the tax relief in an effort to have all new builds “Go Green.”

With regard to the promotion of energy efficiency there should be very strict requirements and should be completed before any tax deductions, such as a decrease of at least 50% of the annual forecast of energy costs. Companies that install electricity and thermal energy at the end of 2016 benefits of energy efficiency incentives and then when fully operational, 10% investment tax credit may be carried out .

Another great way to not only shift your company into the green initiative, but to save money, is companies that buy heavy-duty hybrid vehicles in the range of more than 26,000 kg will benefit from incentive tax credits for energy-efficient vehicles. There are incentives offered for passenger cars and commercial products.

Solar systems  are another great way you can make your company energy efficient. Solar systems should be capable of producing heating or provided access to water or electricity or light up the room through the use of energy from sunlight in order to qualify for grants. 30% of the incentives used to tax deductible debt, companies are able to install wind turbines, which are up to 100kW and “plate” capacity. Except for those with more excess energy incentives that are available for businesses. These incentives apply to “economic stimulus legislation, which was initiated by Obama administration.

Advanced Control Corporation is a member of USGBC and is a long time developer of environmentally sound methods of building automation and management. For 20 years we’ve pioneered green building solutions. Our commitment to energy management and conservation through the designing, installation and servicing of large commercial solar energy systems has reduced the carbon footprint of several thousand businesses throughout Florida. For more information, visit us at Advanced Control or call us 954-491-6660.