‘Green’ Buildings Don’t Always Have To Be New

It seems every day there’s a new towering building popping up boasting ‘Green’ technology.  To most this is an a great trend considering commercial buildings account for over 60% of the nation’s electricity consumption, according to government estimates, and generate 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. But these energy-efficient buildings only represent a small number of commercial properties. Many of these properties were erected decades ago before sustainable, or green, designs became the norm. This large amount of older buildings presents a much bigger opportunity to cut down on energy consumption and carbon emissions that contribute to the warming of the planet.

The United States Green Building Council — whose Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, or LEED, program has become the  standard for sustainable building — has guidelines that address older buildings. Called LEED for Existing Buildings, or LEED-EB, the three-year-old program provides a laundry list of steps that building owners and managers can take to operate and manage their properties more efficiently. Like the certification program for new buildings, the program for existing buildings assigns points for various steps, including efforts in recycling, water and energy efficiency and air quality. There are four levels of certification, from basic to platinum, which is awarded to the highest-scoring buildings.

As more and more companies are looking to reduce waste, along with their carbon imprint, they find that their buildings are one of their most immediate opportunities. For their efforts, they usually get a healthier and cleaner work environment, improved efficiency and lower operating costs, all of which can help attract both new tenants and employees. The efforts are  worth it, especially given the trend for companies to be at the forefront of the green  movement. The response from the public is more than positive, LEED certification is crucial to the future. It helps businesses compete, recruit employees and attract tenants and at the same time is helpful in moving the climate into a ‘Green’ friendly status.

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