Both Companies and Cities Take on ‘Better Buildings Challenge’

The Secretary of Energy announced  recently 14 initial partners who are committed to President Obama’s ‘Better Buildings Challenge,’ resulting in more than $500 million & 300 million square ft dedicated by private sector partners & local governments to improve energy efficiency. The challenge is part of the president’s Better Buildings Initiative launched as a way to “catalyze” private sector investment in commercial building upgrades, and make commercial buildings in the nation 20% more efficient in the next 10 years.

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness,who co-lead the initiative along with former President Clinton, recommended prioritizing the initiative as an important way to support job creation. “Improving building energy efficiency on a large scale is a challenge we can’t afford not to take,” the Secretary of Energy said, “It will create jobs, reduce energy waste, save our businesses and institutions money, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”  The B.B.Challenge also supports the presidents goal of helping businesses save nearly $40 billion annually in energy costs to allow them to grow, invest in new technology and create American jobs. Upgrading energy performance of the built environment will also lower pollution and spur market growth said the Council on Environmental Equality.

B.B.C. (Community) Partners; More than 47 million square feet, hundreds of city blocks of enrolled buildings and facilities, and up to $30 million in financing. Additionally, the cities of Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles will serve as partners and report back energy usage data. The Better Buildings Challenge will make American businesses more competitive in the global economy by saving them billions in energy costs — savings they can spend on growing, expanding and hiring new workers. It will increase the production of energy-efficient products at U.S. manufacturing facilities. The first round of partners committing to the Better Buildings Challenge today are taking an important step into the future of building green.

Advanced Control Corporation is a member of the USGBC and is a long time developer of environmentally sound methods of building automation and management. For 20 years we’ve pioneered green building solutions. Our commitment to energy management and conservation through the designing, installation and servicing of large commercial solar energy systems has reduced the carbon footprint of several thousand businesses throughout Florida. For more information, visit us at Advanced Control or call us 954-491-6660.