High-Definition the Future of CCTV Security?

It seems that as the demand for closed circuit cameras (CCTV) continues to increase, security technology has been able to evolve- resulting in new products with better image quality, resolution and clarity. The latest example of this is the high definition close circuit camera (HD CCTV). HD CCTV cameras are a hybrid of digital security cameras and IP CCTVs. Any sort of mass adoption of these cameras may seem quite far away, yet the technology, though a little expensive, has immense benefits to offer.

An alluring feature of this HD CCTV technology is that it can be seamlessly integrated into current analog or IP systems, allowing for expansion of existing video installations without sacrificing functionality. Furthermore, the resolution is significantly better than what is offered with standard CCTV cameras. However, because this is a new development, it is much more expensive than what is currently dominating the market. Therefore, it remains to be seen how or when this technology will seriously come into play.

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