Energy Management Leads to Happy, More Productive Employees

We know green building practices like energy management help the environment as well as a company’s bottom line, but an article posted this week in the International Business Times has detailed the positive effects of greener buildings on employee health and productivity as well.

As the recession continues to affect businesses worldwide, offices seem to be closing the gap between upper management and employees, with greener buildings featuring more windows for all workers, letting in abundant natural light. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know the value of the ability to see outside the walls, and according to the article, “Colliers International Office Tenant Survey 2010 found that excellent indoor air quality control and thermal comfort was second only to location to public transport (and above cutting edge IT and communications) in the top three office attributes for staff attraction and retention.”  Since poor indoor environment quality (IEQ) has the very real potential to negatively affect employee performance, companies should seek out simple solutions for a dramatic impact on worker productivity levels.

In addition to increased productivity, a higher IEQ also translates to less employee sick leave, which has been reported to cost companies thousands upon thousands of dollars per year. “The principles of green design recognize that improving IEQ can dramatically affect productivity, health and wellbeing,” expounds the article.

With ever increasing energy demand, global climate change and constrained supplies, energy is heavily impacted by these changing times. Now is the time to consider how energy will affect your business and employees in the future. Not only will a greener building mean big savings, natural light and good air quality will ensure employee satisfaction and productivity. Contact Advanced Control Corporation to find out if your business is ready for the energy challenges that lie ahead.