Companies Stepping Up Energy Efficiency Measures

Green practices, including energy management, are becoming a growing trend among many companies today, according to the fifth annual “Energy Efficiency Indicator: Global Results” survey. They have shown increased interest in energy efficiency, which is most likely due to increased incentives for adopting these more efficient practices, as well as a desire to improve the company’s public image.

Despite facility size, the Energy Efficiency Indicator survey results reveal that companies are more likely to engage in greener, more efficient practices if they have established carbon reduction goals, measure and analyze energy usage data, and use external financing sources for energy efficiency projects.

While energy management is important to an increasing number of companies, some have said that lack of awareness, lack of technical expertise, lack of available capital, and uncertain outcomes can often prove to be barriers to making energy efficiency a reality. An important question on the minds of most companies, therefore, is, can this savings be achieved? These concerns can certainly be a hindrance, yet it seems like green buildings are more affordable than ever. The operational costs of a green building are significantly less than that of a non-green building. When taking a look at the gains from productivity, it is a good idea for companies to start “going green.”

Building energy management creates the ideal solution to keeping up with technological advances and preserving the environment. Advanced Control Corporation has been designing, installing and servicing innovative building systems for years, helping thousands of buildings in Florida to reduce their carbon footprint and to become LEED-certified. Contact Advanced Control to find out if your business is ready for the energy challenges that lie ahead. For more information on how Advanced Control can help you, call 954.491.6660.